The Ranches at Devil’s Thumb are Just a ‘Whip Crack Away’

A new life at The Ranches at Devil's Thumb

If you’re looking for a change of pace or a more rewarding life, the Ranches at Devil’s Thumb Tabernash could be the ideal place. It consists of 24 Luxury homesites ranging in size from 11 to 35 acres where you can make your dream home a reality.

We love looking at places where you can escape, and the latest one we’ve found is unlike any other. The subject of this piece is located in the Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa in Tabernash, which is a mountain retreat spread over a huge 6,500 acres.

Bob and Suzanne Fanch, the owners of the resort, are for the first time in the twenty-years they’ve owned the property, giving people the unique opportunity to make their stay permanent.

“We’ve always felt that we’re merely stewards of this land, and we’re looking for people who share that mindset, who appreciate the openness and wildness of the land and want to enjoy it now but also preserve it for future generations,” said Bob.

The Ranches at Devil's Thumb

The new community has been named “The Ranches at Devil’s Thumb” and consists of private, woodland-and-meadow homesites which range in size from 11 to 35 acres spread across 550 acres.

The ‘Ranches’ are located on a ridge just northwest of the base area of the Orvis-endorsed resort and have 360-degree views. Some of the sites sit high on the ridge, looking out on protected national forest with others tucked into the valley near a trout-filled river.

The majority of homesites allow homes up to 8,000 square with some allowing properties up to 10,000 square feet. If these sound a little too large for your needs, you can build smaller but bear in mind the minimum home size allowed is 3,000 square feet and sizes will be dependent upon the location and terrain.

There’s good news for prospective owners with their own individual ideas; there are established design guidelines that allow for a unique vision while creating an intimate enclave that feels cohesive, true to place, and respectful of natural resources.

Horseriding at Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa

“The homesites are on land that has the best views of the Continental Divide to the east and Byers Peak to the west, and they don’t impact the views from the resort,” said Bob.

If you’re thinking that the Ranches at Devil’s Thumb might be, dare I say it, a little boring, you couldn’t father from the truth.

Aside from the incredible scenery, there’s a huge variety of thing to occupy your time. There is, of course, the resorts renowned spa and acclaimed restaurants. Or you can take a dip in the hot tub or just lounge by the year-round heated pool.

Fly fishing at the Ranches at Devil's Thumb

If you’re a fan of activities, there is paddleboard yoga to try, horseback riding, fly fishing, zip-lining, cross country skiing and mountain biking. And if you want a truly luxurious lifestyle, there is airport shuttles, housekeeping, a concierge service and more.

Skiing at the Devil's Thumb Ranch Resort & Spa

Owning one of the Ranches at Devil’s Thumb allows you to embrace the pioneering spirit of the early homesteaders while honouring and preserving the pristine landscapes for future generations. With more than 6,500 acres of Rocky Mountain wilderness to enjoy, you’re bound to experience something unique every day.

The Ranches at Devil’s Thumb – Where and how?

Denver is only 90 minutes away, and Winter Park Resort is right down the road. The homesites at the Ranches at Devil’s Thumb are priced from $750,000 to $1.8 million. For more information, visit

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The Ranches at Devil's Thumb are Just a 'Whip Crack Away' 2


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