The Royal Demitasse Coffee Service – the world’s most elegant coffee maker.

The Royal Demitasse Coffee Service - the world's most elegant coffee maker.

America welcomes the flavor-in-motion Coffee machine that’s swept across the continent…bringing demitasse par excellence to Europe’s finest homes and estates!

Now, here’s an after-dinner coffee triumph that’s finally available in the U.S. The Royal vacuum coffee brewer is an elegant echo of the opulent age of salon Coffees – the rich, dark demitasse delights (circa 1850) that were reserved for royalty and aristocrats, for the wealthy and famous of a glittering era. The Royal Demitasse Coffee Service - the world's most elegant coffee maker.The Royal tabletop service will hold guests spellbound as the gleaming, spigoted coffee canister pivots up, while boiling water is mixed with the grounds in the fine crystal carafe, and then (with a throaty whoosh) siphoned the coffee back.

The Flavour-in-motion Coffee Maker – No machine makes better coffee.
This ingenious handcrafted objet d’art utilizes the forces of nature, fire, steam, pressure and gravity to produce the best coffee you have ever tasted. Boiling water is pushed through the metal pipette. By the time the water reaches the grounds, it has cooled a few degrees. The result: coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to extract the oils and flavours, but not so hot as to impart a “scorched” taste. Unlike other methods – the Royal Coffee Machine – quickly siphons the brewed coffee away from the grounds. Aroma and flavour remain in the closed canister with the coffee while the bitter grounds stay in the glass carafe.

There are no paper filters to impart a slightly papery taste, or even worse, to take up the aromatic oils that give the different coffees their unique taste. The coffee from a syphon can best be described as “crystal clear”, with great purity of flavour and aroma and no bitterness added by the brewing process. Any faults in the coffee flavour will also show up, so syphon users tend to gravitate to the best beans they can find. The reason you should use a coffee syphon to brew in, is that they are simply the best! No other brewer can give the same purity of flavour and lack of bitterness due to the exquisite temperature control, since the coffee brews about 2 degrees Celsius below boiling point, without ever actually boiling.

For the youngest toddler to the most sophisticated world traveller, it is a marvel to watch.

As an 86-year-old world traveller, who has been to 120 countries, said: “I’ve never seen anything quite like this in anyone’s home!”

The Royal Demitasse Coffee Service - the world's most elegant coffee maker.Never before has a coffee maker been so versatile.
This exquisite machine lets you serve the finest coffee, tea, exotic mixes like “Black forest Mocha” or coffee flavoured liquors anyone has ever tasted.

The Perfect Finish!
Europeans know that a fine meal deserves to end with the finest coffee. The “Royal” used in Europe’s finest restaurants, hotels and clubs, is the perfect ending to distinctive dining. Whether you are a connoisseur or only an occasional sipper, this coffee maker will captivate you with it’s history, tradition and practices surrounding the ceremony of drinking coffee.

Has the time ever been better?
The whole subject of making, serving and drinking truly delicious coffee has become something of a national obsession. From the brothers on the popular television sitcom “Frasier” to Jack Nicholson in “The Bucket List”
To the guests at a most-exclusive country club selecting from a varied “After-Dinner Coffees Menu” People are fascinated with “the search for the perfect coffee.” The search ends here.

This coffee maker was featured in the movie: “The Bucket List” with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman

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