The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands Resort

The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands Resort

While enjoying your stay at Cameron Highlands Resort don’t miss the opportunity to try the award winning Spa Village where you are guaranteed an out of this world unforgettable experience. The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands ResortWhat makes this Spa unique is the wide use of natural produce cultivated in the surrounding area in combination with therapies and treatments based on culture and wisdom of the “original” local people “Orang Asli” who’ve passed on their knowledge of plants, roots and herbs healing properties  through the generations.

The Cameron Highlands are well known for their flower, strawberry and of course tea plantations, all of those wonderful fresh ingredients are used in the variety of treatments at The Spa Village. You may want to try one of the 2.5 hours themed packages on offer: “Cameron’s mint”, “Fresh Strawberry Escapade”, “Chrysanthemum & Avocado Escape” and many more. All of which start with one heavenly experience one simply must try to comprehend…

You start to enjoy yourself the moment you set foot on the premises of The Spa Village. It’s hidden among the lush greenery of the resort away from the guest accommodation. The feeling of tranquillity and serenity descends upon you as you look around on your way from the Spa reception area to your changing room. The peace and quiet of the beautifully appointed treatment rooms, kept in the same colonial style as the rest of the resort, is complemented by the soothing sound of the water features outside. Once in your room, you are provided with a private locker, a traditional Sarong to wrap around you and a fluffy luxurious bath robe to change into before your majestic experience begins. I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I didn’t mention the outstanding service and personalised treatment at the Spa. As there are only six treatment rooms and six bathhouses in the complex, it feels truly private and intimate unlike the conveyor-belt like in-and-out appointments you may find in some large resorts. All of the attention is focused on you and your needs and wants.

You are almost made to feel like royalty especially once you start with the first part of the experience. I can now reveal that the special treat in question is your own Tea Bath. The sensation of easing yourself into a luxury bath tub filled with real freshly prepared warm tea complemented by mint leaves, flowers and strawberries depending on the chosen package is overwhelming. To enhance you experience the bath houses are equipped with TV screens with ever changing beautiful scenes of nature and wild life and you may also choose to use a set of earphones with streaming relaxing music on offer.  While you’re enjoying the marvellous sensation of tea, easing stress and tension and hydrating your skin, you can enhance it even further by making use of some special tasty extras  placed on the tray in front of you. Those are: raw sugar, lime wedges and brewed tea leaves to use as natural scrubs and exfoliants, tea bags for your eyes and a joyfully refreshing cold cup of honey and lemon tea.

The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands ResortAnother touch which really appealed to me in The Spa is an opportunity to share the experience as a couple. Some spas have separate quarters for  ladies and gentlemen and although you might come in as a couple, you would be then separated and have all your procedures done in separate rooms, which to my delight was not the case in Cameron Highlands Resort Spa Village. All the bath houses are equipped with a pair of beautiful bath tubs and the treatment rooms also have two beds each so that you and your ‘other half’ could truly share the experience and exchange emotions as you go through it together. The only slight drawback of this however was having to listen to my husband’s loud snoring during his massage and scalp treatment that made me giggle at the sight of him. He was nevertheless totally unaware of the sound effect he was providing as his enjoyment and relaxation positively took him to the world of nirvana. In case you are curious what treatment he was having, it was “Chrysanthemum & Avocado Escape”, which consisted of Chrysanthemum flower bath followed by avocado oil massage and warm wrap to sooth and nourish the skin accompanied by a scalp massage to nourish the hair and improve hair growth. I don’t need to tell you again how happy he was with his choice.

The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands ResortI opted for a more ‘Girly’ treatment called “Rose Garden Experience” and what an experience it was! I started off with a yellow rose tea bath for soothing and pampering, followed by warm and tingly rose petal, lime and rice full body scrub to improve circulation, brighten and soften my skin, and finished off with blissfully relaxing and uplifting rose aroma massage. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!

To top it all off we were led to cool down and gently return to reality into a private open air cabana, where we were offered  home made strawberry jam coupled with thin and crunchy oatmeal biscuits, to go with our freshly brewed camomile tea. So that we could lay back in a lounges in the cool fresh air, brows through some magazines, reflect on the experiences we’d had and sip on this warm, soothing and comforting drink. What a thoughtful touch!

Apart from the packages mentioned The Spa Village also offer various individual face and body treatments inspired by local Malay and Orang Asli traditional culture, such as Tungu Batu – Heated Stone Therapy,  Lapis-Lapis – Malay Herbal Wrap and Campur-Campur (a blend of different traditional treatments) designed to detoxify your body, alleviate your joint pains and aches and rid of excess fats. There are also Steam baths, Hydrotherapy, Anti-aging and multiple relaxation treatments available as well as facials and all kinds of massage from Swedish to Thai and Shiatsu. You can go with one theme in your chosen package or mix, match and combine whatever you like creating a truly tailor made personable experience according to your wishes.

Overall both my husband and I found our treatments at The Spa Village magnificently relaxing, rejuvenating and thoroughly enjoyable. Everything from the ambiance and the choice of treatments to the professionalism and quiet efficiency of the stuff was excellent. We would thoroughly recomend that you try it if you get a chance.

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The Spa Village at the Cameron Highlands Resort

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