Why the Plant-based Switch On Drink is a Smarter Way to Start the Day

Why the Switch On Drink is a Smarter Way to Start the Day

A team of nutrition experts has launched an innovative new drink designed to be a healthy alternative to coffee called Switch On. The plant-based drink contains key ingredients known to boost mood, brain function, health, and alertness, particularly after a poor night’s sleep.

This groundbreaking new drink is the brainchild of Resilient Nutrition, one of the world’s leading performance and nutrition products developers for endurance athletes. Switch On is considered the first healthy morning brew that meaningfully improves energy levels and the ability to focus when trying to function on minimal sleep.

The Switch On recipe took six years to perfect and includes ingredients that kick in immediately, such as L-tyrosine and L-theanine and ingredients that are scientifically proven to have positive effects on the body when consumed over time, such as cocoa and creatine. What’s more, Switch on is sugar-free, plant-based and gluten-free.

As well as improved blood flow to the brain which enhances memory, antioxidants to boost the immune system, prebiotics to support gut health and amino acids to promote feelings of calm focus; the ingredients in Switch On also support collagen formation and promote skin elasticity.

Dr Greg Potter, Chief Science Officer at Resilient Nutrition and one of the UK’s leading specialists in nutrition, sleep, circadian rhythms and metabolism, said: “We all experience nights of poor sleep throughout our lives.

“Stress can affect our ability to sleep soundly, and when we don’t get enough quality sleep, we don’t feel at our best and can’t function as well as we’d like. The COVID-19 crisis has worsened many people’s sleep, triggering anxiety and other problems.

“Sleep patterns can also be affected by jobs, particularly demanding roles or those with long shifts. When such disruptions occur frequently, all of our body’s systems pay the price.

“The majority of us will reach for a caffeine fix to perk up and re-focus, but this strategy only counters some of the consequences of poor sleep.

“Scientific research continues to unveil important interactions between nutrition, sleep and overall health. I wanted to use that research to create a product that would use nutrition to improve cognitive function after a bad night’s sleep, so I started working on the prototype for Switch On.

“It is designed to be enjoyed at the start of the day or up to one hour before any physically or mentally demanding activity.”

The front and back of the Resilient Nutrition Switch On Dark Chocolate packaging

Switch On can be prepared hot or cold with the addition of water or milk of your choice.

Dr Potter and the rest of the team at Resilient Nutrition have been focusing on nutrition as a way to boost performance and support the health of athletes and other high performers since early 2020.

Switch On is currently a popular choice within the military and with record-breaking adventurers who need to be at their mental and physical peak, and it has now been launched to the consumer market.

Co-founder of Resilient Nutrition, Ali MacDonald, added: “We have been perfecting our existing range of performance-enhancing nut butter for a while now and noticed a gap in the market for a morning drink that contained the right ingredient mix to boost alertness and improve mood.

“Having Dr Potter as a co-founder means we can now tap into the morning drinks market with this truly unique product. We’re excited for more people to try it and to find out what they think.

“Switch On is so versatile that it can help a number of people. From knowledge workers in need of focus to land a business deal to new parents in need of a boost when they’re running on empty, Switch On is a great alternative to regular coffee.”

For more information, visit https://switchon.resilientnutrition.com.

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Why the Plant-based Switch On Drink is a Smarter Way to Start the Day 2


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