Tiffany & Co Blue Book annual fine jewellery collection for 2011-2012

Tiffany & Co. celebrates its great heritage as a premier jeweller with the Tiffany & Co Blue Book Jewellery collection for 2011-2012, its annual presentation of the world’s most spectacular jewels.

The Tiffany & Co Blue Book collection is the pride of Tiffany’s master designers and jewelers, the collection is magical in scope and dazzles the eye with an enchanting beauty and elegance.

Tiffany & Co Blue Book annual fine jewellery collection for 2011-2012As the world’s diamond authority, Tiffany illuminates Blue Book with a wealth of exquisite stones. Hand set in platinum, they cover a ring’s platinum petals surrounding a superb center stone. A Tiffany Novo® diamond of 11.22 carats, internally flawless, highlights a platinum ring mounting that fully reveals the stone’s perfectly placed facets. Tiffany diamonds sparkle with equal intensity in a diamond necklace of 38 cushion-cut diamonds and 1,558 round brilliant diamonds that radiate glamour and sophistication.

Designers also draw from fashion history to create pendants featuring Lucida®, marquise and rose-cut diamonds, and bracelets as intricate as lace. In addition, the Tiffany Archives inspires them with period jewels, the basis for a brilliant diamond necklace of floral clusters and stylized bows, as well as graceful chandelier earrings.

Tiffany built its reputation on fancy color diamonds, as well. An array of rings with rare fancy deep and fancy purplish pink diamonds exhibits unparalleled color that is evenly distributed, with perfection of tone and saturation. Tiffany Yellow Diamonds share this highest level of color saturation that places them among the world’s most sought-after stones. Yellow diamonds alternate with white diamonds in a necklace with a setting so subtle the stones cascade freely, like a waterfall. More of these coveted stones shape a necklace of 29 fancy intense yellow diamonds that generate light like the sun.

Jean Schlumberger’s influence on the Tiffany & Co Blue Book collection

World-renowned designer Jean Schlumberger transformed nature’s wonders into vibrant and colorful creations that won international acclaim and countless awards. Tiffany jewelers in New York and Paris followed Schlumberger’s original drawings to create the master’s Conique necklace of diamonds and red spinels, intricate floral pendants and famous bracelets in paillonné enamel. More of nature’s treasures await discovery in Tiffany’s color-saturated gemstones. Among them are violet-blue tanzanites and tourmalines in settings that resemble a peacock’s splendid feathers; a bracelet’s 119-carat aquamarine that mirrors the clarity of a mountain lake; vibrant sapphires that fashion the wings of a magnificent butterfly brooch; and pear-shaped tanzanites totalling 81 carats in generous drop earrings that
frame the face with a soft azure light.

Though varied in design, the jewels in the Tiffany & Co Blue Book Fine Jewellery collection for 2011-2012 share a tradition of excellence that is unique among the world’s elite jewelers. This dedication to craft has produced a style that is legendary, a style that gleams in every facet of these magnificent creations.

Further information about the Tiffany & Co Blue Book Fine Jewellery collection for 2011-2012 can be accessed on the official Tiffany & Co website.

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