Timothy Oulton’s Sumptuous Velvets Perfect For Cosying Up in Winter

Timothy Oulton Shabby sectional sofa in Melting Paisley velvet

We’ll admit, we’re fans of Timothy Oulton, his designs always seem to hit the mark with us and his printed velvet collection, with a single glance makes you want to snuggle up with a loved one over Winter.

Timothy Oulton Manor Chair in Acid Jungle velvetThere’s something seductive about faded grandeur; poetically peeling ceilings, time-worn textiles, and spellbinding stories of crumbling mansions.

Capturing the romance and magic of bygone glamour but transporting it into the 21st century, Timothy Oulton’s audacious printed velvet collection boldly collides old world charm with modern vigour, creating the perfect backdrop for elegant entertaining.

Available on selected pieces throughout the collection, Timothy Oulton’s Faded & Degraded velvet makes a splash in a range of richly layered patterns. Choose from the vivid hues of Melting Paisley and Peeling Ceiling or the more subdued statement of Peat Smudge.

Taking inspiration from the peeling plaster of grand old buildings to the faded elegance of Victorian damask wallpaper, each unique design blends vintage motifs with bold abstract patterns for a modern twist on tradition.

Also available on selected upholstery, Acid Jungle is a sumptuously exotic velvet. Lush greens entwine with vibrant florals in a blaze of luminescence, while a dramatic black backdrop creates depth and contrast.

Excite the senses this Winter with Timothy Oulton’s luxurious velvet collection and set the scene for decadent comfort and romance.

Timothy Oulton Acid Jungle Velvet

Acid Jungle Velvet
A heady mix of vivid colour and equally intense darkness dance together in this sumptuously exotic velvet.

Lush greens entwine with vibrant florals in a blaze of luminescence, while a dramatic black backdrop creates depth and contrast.
Available on selected upholstery.

Timothy Oulton Acid Jungle Velvet sofa

Shown here on the sleek and sinuous Studio sofa, perfect for the urban jungle. Kick back with friends and let your imagination run wild.

The Timothy Oulton Faded & Degraded Velvet Collection

Timothy Oulton Melting Paisley

Faded & Degraded’ Melting Paisley’
Melting Paisley has a mesmerising layered effect, transporting you through eras of time. Based on a background of faded Victorian damask wallpaper, a contrasting splattered ink overlay adds a modern expressive viewpoint onto the ornate detailing and ordered form underneath.

Timothy Oulton Peeling Ceiling Velvet

Faded & Degraded’ Peeling Ceiling’
The texture and patterns of a once-grand plaster ceiling, now crumbling and worn with age, provide the basis for the clash of vibrant hues of pinks, oranges, blues, yellows and grey, with multiple layers of colour and pattern clamouring across in a mottled effect on soft velvet. Wildly original and unique.

Timothy Oulton Westminster Button Armchair in Peat Smudge

Faded & Degraded’ Peat Smudge’
A traditional paisley pattern is updated, creatively merged with an overlay of abstract art in this unique velvet finish. Peat Smudge is designed in soft hues of light and dark greys, evoking faded grandeur from a bygone era in a soothing colour.

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