The Tongsai Bay Enters a New Era with Phase 1 of Renovations Completed

The Tongsai Bay Enters a New Era with Phase 1 of Renovations Completed

The Tongsai Bay, the first five-star luxury hotel built on Koh Samui, has embarked on an innovative refurbishment and development programme to celebrate its 35th anniversary as a luxury eco-haven for global travellers.

The first phase of the planned works has been completed, providing guests improved connectivity, enhanced décor, and more convenient control of in-room facilities whilst maintaining its ‘Natural To The Core’ philosophy.

Over the past three decades, The Tongsai Bay has committed itself to the natural world. It has even developed its own Green Projects, which have gained national and international recognition and have become a model for new hotels. The theme has continued with phase one of its new transformation, particularly the interior décor of rooms and suites, which utilise recycled materials in the form of traditional Thai designs that have been given a contemporary style and twist.

One of the most significant upgrades to The Tongsai Bay’s suites and cottages has been through a creative collaboration with the chic Litin rattan furniture brand to design and produce new coffee tables and outdoor chairs made from recycled wood and the headboard, a key focal point of the room, itself made from artificial rattan.

Litin uses black and white graphic woven patterns to make the chairs contemporary in style and to move forward from a perceived outdated image of traditional rattan. Learning new skills with artificial rattan, which can be left outside in the sun or rain, day, and night also offers workplace variety to the local furniture makers. Litin’s adaptability and growth path have developed over the recent past, focusing on eco products that dovetail perfectly with The Tongsai Bay’s environmental ethos and green policies.

Interior design at The Tongsai Bay prioritises space – with only 81 suites & villas; there are generous open areas and balconies for all guests to take in the beautiful views. All the rooms offer terraces with seascapes to gaze on, and the majority have outdoor bathtubs to relax in. Many rooms have individual features, as they have all been built around things rather than over them – whether trees, rocks, or topographical quirks, preserving and protecting the environment.

The wealth of nature surrounding the resort inspires artworks and rugs designed by internationally renowned Thai textile designer MookV (Mook Vinyaratn) using yarn spun from recycled fast fashion clothing.

The textile waste is separated by colour and fully recycled, bypassing the dyeing process. All her artworks adhere to the philosophy of sustainable living, and titles such as ‘Home Sweet Banyan’ look to the welcome shade and home to birds offered by trees, vines, roots, and leaves for their subject matter. Recycled paper is also used in works such as ‘Blessed Tranquillity’ and celebrates the woods and greenery that protect many species of animals.

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All of The Tongsai Bay’s 24 Beach Suites, 2 Cottage Suites, 4 Seafront Cottages, and 5 Pool Cottages now includes the following:

  • 500 MB Wi-FI connectivity in each room thanks to a new internet infrastructure, which uses a fibre-optic line inside the hotel and a brand-new access point and control switches.
  • Headboard lighting control with an RCU (room control unit) system for better ambience and convenience.
  • Magnetic sliding door control where air conditioning will be turned off if the sliding door to the balcony is left open for more than three minutes, reducing energy consumption. This will prevent condensation inside the room, energy loss and insects entering.
  • Lighter colour tones to rooms, making them brighter and more inviting.
  • Luxurious switches and more power sockets.

The Tongsai Bay believes nature, the protection and preservation of the environment, technology, and friendly service can go hand in hand with its ecological credentials to create a truly magical getaway for guests.  With this first phase of its innovations now complete, the stage is set for the next advance in The Tongsai Bay’s change philosophy and its committed leadership role in defining new travel trends.

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Aerial view of the beach in front of the hotelThe Tongsai Bay Enters a New Era with Phase 1 of Renovations Completed 2

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