Let Dad Taste the Love in 2021 with a Tracklements Father’s Day Bundle

Let Dad Taste the Love in 2021 with a Tracklements Father's Day Bundle

Father’s Day is almost upon us, which has prompted us to look at some original gifts that he can share with his friends and family after a long period of social distancing. For this feature, we’re suggesting you treat him to the Tracklements Father’s Day bundle.

In 2021, Father’s Day is taking place on Sunday 20th June, and this is the day before the UK government has said that lockdown restrictions will end. The week commencing the 20th of June will be a time of celebration and the ideal opportunity for dad to spend some quality time with family and friends.

A daughter giving her dad a gift on Father's Day

Choosing the right gift for Father’s Day is never a straightforward task. Once children have found something dad loves, it’s usually the same thing they’ll give him every year. For 2021, we’re not saying you should break that habit; what we are suggesting is you give him an additional gift, and the great thing about what we have in mind is it can be enjoyed by more than just him.

This year, we’re suggesting you get him a Tracklements Father’s Day bundle which consists of a tasty collection of sauces and condiments. We chose this for dad because it will give him the excuse to get out in the garden, invite friends and family around, and show off his BBQ skills, which have been gathering dust for more than a year.

What’s inside the Tracklements Father’s Day Bundle?
The bundles consist of five of Tracklements best selling products, and the good news is that they can be delivered straight to dad’s front door. Another great point is the bundle is priced at £18.20, which means that it won’t break the bank and should allow you to add it to dad’s usual and expected gift.

The contents of inside the Tracklements Father's Day Bundle box

The boxed Bundle includes:

  • British Beer Mustard, 140g – Made with a malty local Wiltshire beer, it does wonders for hunks of ham, pork pies or flinty Cheddar.
  • Particularly British Piccalilli, 270g – A curious mustard pickle packing a rather sharp punch and moreish crunch, it’s super-tasty piled onto a Ploughman’s and alongside meaty terrines as well as Scotch eggs.
  • Spitfire Chilli Mustard, 140g – A volcanic condiment for courageous tastebuds, it fires up cold meats, cheeses and sausages.
  • Perfect Ploughman’s Pickle, 295g – This is an absolute classic that has just about everything you want in a pickle. It has a lovely crunch coupled with a sweet tang and a sharp bite. There’s no better partner for a Ploughman’s or a thick-cut ham sandwich.
  • Fresh Chilli Jam, 250g – The original, multi award-winner. The sticky-sweet chilli jam smoulders with a gentle heat from fistfuls of fresh red chillies. Incredibly versatile, it’s beautiful with fish, meats, on sarnies and with creamy cheeses. What are we saying? It’s excellent with ALL cheese!

A Cheddar Ploughman's sandwich wth Perfect Ploughman's pickle

With the easing of restrictions in June, the Tracklements Father’s Day bundle will allow dad to keep the celebrations going. Sadly, the past year has been filled with heartache, and many will no longer have the opportunity to celebrate this special day with their dad.

Those that do should celebrate this one and each one that follows in the best possible way, and getting dad something that he can share with family and friends is the perfect way to do it.

From whole grain mustard seed to one of the best jars of mustard in the world today

The Tracklements Story
In 1970, William Tullberg, the founder of Tracklements, decided to read the 17th-century diary of the renowned English writer and gardener John Evelyn. In it, he found a recipe for wholegrain mustard. Curiosity got the better of him, and from his home in Wiltshire, he decided to see if he too could make mustard.

After a lot of experimentation, he had created a blend of mustard he was happy with and decided to ‘test the water’ by trying to sell a few jars, replete with hand-written labels at his local pub. It clearly went well, as it is now thought of as the birth of whole grain mustard in the UK. From here, things went from strength to strength for William, and before long, his mustard was for sale in the world-famous department store, Harrods of London.

With the wholegrain mustard market in the UK now established, William turned his sights to savoury jelly, launching a range into a market that had thus far only consisted of mint and redcurrant jelly.

Guy Tullberg inspecting mustard seeds in a field

Fast forward to today and countless awards later, Tracklements has become a firm favourite of professional and home chefs alike.

The company is still in family hands with William’s son Guy (above) now at the helm and has gone on to broaden its range to more than fifty products, available across twenty-four countries.

The Tracklements Father’s Day bundle is an ideal standalone gift or would be a perfect accompaniment to his regular favourite. The bundle is priced at £18.50 and is available exclusively from tracklements.co.uk.

Let Dad Taste the Love in 2021 with a Tracklements Father's Day Bundle 2


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