Experience ‘Komorebi’ at Treeful Treehouse on Okinawa Island in 2021

Experience 'Komorebi' at Treeful Treehouse on Okinawa Island in 2021

Like the idea of being socially-distanced while luxuriating in the green canopy in a foreign country? Well, from Spring 2021, you can. Japan’s Okinawa Island is getting a brand-new luxury eco-resort, and it goes by the name of Treeful Treehouse.

For many people looking at luxury travel options, one of the first things on their minds (given what’s happened this year), is safety. We’re sure many of you couldn’t help noticing the massive rise in popularity for remote lodges, countryside staycations and camping, the main reason for this increased popularity is the space and distancing they offer.

All over the world, the hospitality industry is experiencing a torrid time, and many historic hotels are suffering, simply because they cannot meet the needs of today’s travellers. It’s is far from the case with Okinawa’s Treeful Treehouse which is a brand new eco-focused resort providing far more than a sense of freedom.

One of the Treeful Treehouse rooms at night

Treeful Treehouse is located in Japan’s subtropical southern prefecture of Okinawa, and as we’ve mentioned, it is a sustainable luxury eco-resort scheduled to open in Spring 2021.

People often ‘scoff’ when they see the word ‘eco’, questioning whether something truly is. To address any negative thoughts the ‘doubters’ might have, this small, bespoke resort prides itself on being powered purely by its own solar energy, which results in zero use of fossil fuels.

Woman relaxing in bed in one of the rooms at Treeful Treehouse

The main concept behind the Treeful Treehouse resort is bringing guests close to nature, and how much closer can you get than being up amongst the trees on a sub-tropical island! When fully open, the resort will be offering private rooms set within the jungle canopy with easy access to the rather splendid looking communal Aerohouse.

There will also be a range of activities for visitors allowing them to explore and engage with the local area.

Treeful Treehouse is set on the north side of Okinawa Island in the more rural area of Nago. In total, there will be four individual treehouse rooms, and each one is set on the banks of the Genka River.

The designers have put a lot of care and attention into the rooms to ensure they fit within the natural flora. For those thinking that they may be lacking in a touch of luxury, don’t. The rooms even benefit from air-conditioning and surely, being away from others amongst the beautiful natural scenery is a rare luxury in its own right.

The outside seating are with hammock with one of the rooms

Each one of the rooms at Treeful Treehouse provides 360-degree views, and there’s even an outside seating area with a hammock (above) which sounds ideal for some nigh-time stargazing.

The egg-shaped room would be a unique experience

For that that want to experience something even more out of the ordinary, there’s even a room shaped somewhat like an egg! It was apparently inspired by boats and was crafted by one of the local boat builders.

The aerohouse at the Treeful Treehouse resort

The communal Aerohouse (above) is equipped with bathrooms, rest and relaxation rooms and a kitchen connected to the treehouse rooms via a series of floating walkways and jungle paths. The resort’s Floating DNA Catwalk, inspired by the vertebrae of a spine, connects the ground to the tree deck making the resort accessible to wheelchair users.

Once open, the resort will offer guests a series of excursions and experiences to explore the local area including jungle trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding and yoga.

The people behind Treeful Treehouse are passionate about giving back to the local community and has already embarked on projects in the surrounding area, including reinstating a water mill at the site of the Shizogumui Waterfall which was last home to a mill over 100 years ago.

For more information on Treeful Treehouse, visit https://treeful.net.

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Experience 'Komorebi' at Treeful Treehouse on Okinawa Island in 2021 2


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