Tried And Tested: Our Verdict On The TRI-FIT Geo Women’s Triathlon Suit

Tried And Tested: Our Verdict On The TRI-FIT Geo Women’s Triathlon Suit

Could this be the ultimate race-day trisuit? Leanne Kelsall puts one of the fastest triathlon suits on the market through its paces. Here’s her verdict on TRI-FIT’s Geo Women’s Trisuit.

Triathlon season is here
It could be your first triathlon or your tenth. Either way, it’s time to get excited and put that training into action. You’ll also want to check you’ve got all the kit you need. One thing you definitely don’t want to forget is a triathlon suit or trisuit.

You may or may not have worn one during training, but this essential piece of kit will save you time having to change what you’re wearing as you switch between the three disciplines. It’s designed from a material you can swim in, has a lightweight chamois for cycling, and it’s versatile enough for you to run in.

Male and female athletes running in the brand's tri-suits

I’ve tried a lot of trisuits over the years, and I’ve not really found a brand I’d buy again. So I was excited when Aussie brand TRI-FIT offered to send me their Geo Triathlon Suit to try.

Their original model – The TRI-FIT Evo – has won heaps of awards, including 220 Triathlon Best on Test three years in a row and has been worn by pro triathletes in Ironman victories. After putting the TRI-FIT Geo through its paces in different conditions while training and racing, I’ve decided it’s my favourite trisuit to swim, bike and run in. Here’s why…

Cutting-edge tech
The TRI-FIT Geo definitely isn’t the cheapest trisuit on the market at £219, but you get what you pay for. It’s one of the most advanced women’s suits you’ll find – the end result of countless hours of testing with industry experts and pro athletes.

It’s crammed with cutting-edge tech designed to help you perform at your best with minimal drag.

A cyclist wearing the Tri-Fit Geo suit

For example, laser-cut arm and leg hems create a seamless finish, giving better aerodynamics on the bike. That means you could essentially go a little bit faster for less effort.

The suit even has compression technology built into the sleeves and leg fabric to reduce lactic acid. My only small criticism is that there doesn’t seem to be any sun protection built into the fabric.

A view of the front and back of the women's tri-suit

Premium, lightweight fabric
Comfort is one of the most important factors of a good trisuit, and the Geo did not let me down. It’s the softest triathlon suit in my wardrobe, and this is down to premium fabrics that have been carefully sourced from around the world. It’d be virtually impossible to experience chafing with this suit.

The grippers are decent too. Both the sleeves and legs stayed put during my race. On other trisuits I’ve used, the legs have rolled up when I put my wetsuit on top, which is annoying and uncomfortable. Not the TRI-FIT Geo. It stayed firmly in place.

I didn’t even notice it on the swim. Where I’ve found some trisuits restricted my stroke, the Geo felt like a second skin and gave me total freedom.

A close up view of the design on the tri-suit

Flattering geometric design
I really love the striking geometric design. It’s classy without being too in your face, like so many other women’s trisuits. It’s also super flattering, which gave me a boost in confidence on race morning.

Flexible and breathable chamois pad
Despite being on the slimmer side, I found the chamois pad to be comfortable even over longer bike sessions and quick races. It’s top of the range and fast drying.

A view of the side access pocket

Side-access pocket to reduce drag
The TRI-FIT Geo Trisuit has an innovative back pocket that fills from the side to reduce drag both in the water (if your race is wetsuit-free) and on the bike. The pocket is seriously roomy too. Just be sure to practice getting in and out before race day if you’re used to pockets that you fill from the top.

Overall, I’d recommend TRI-FIT’s Geo Women’s Trisuit to anyone who races regularly across all triathlon distances and especially those who care about aerodynamics on the road and in the water.

TRI-FIT’s Geo Women’s Trisuit – Where and How?

You’ll find all the pieces in the current triathlon range as well as the Geo Women’s Triathlon Suit at .

Plus, check out our recent interview with TRI-FIT’s co-founder Dan Evans.

Tried And Tested: Our Verdict On The TRI-FIT Geo Women’s Triathlon Suit 2

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