Triumph’s Trekker GT e-Cycle – All the Renowned Quality Minus the Noise

Triumph's Trekker GT e-Cycle Offers All the Quality Without the Noise

The Triumph Trekker GT is an Urban Hybrid style full-electric e-Cycle from the famous British motorcycle company. Avid bike fan, Jeremy Webb, decided to put it to the test.

I have always loved cycling in various forms, firstly as any child does riding any bike for fun. Then I got into BMX racing and competed, which was superb. As I got older Mountain bikes developed, so I progressed to them. I even rode a $6000 Titanium handbuilt one in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The centre of where the sport developed, but sadly my lungs could not cope with the altitude, so I ended up solo, speeding back downhill.

I have to say that it’s the more fun part of biking for me, it got me thinking though. If I could take the Triumph Trekker GT with its powerful motor, back to these 10,000 ft mountains, I could ride them in a lot more comfort.

Image showing the Shimano pedal system

The Shimano e-drive would ease my path up the steep trails with the power it provides while I peddle too. You have to do some leg work with e-Bikes, depending on the power and gearing of the bicycle also the mode selected alters your effort to increase or decrease.

The excellent power train on the Trekker GT produces 250w which is 60Nm, and this means a lot of torque to push the wheel with you assisting by pedalling. There are also ten gears to select to increase climbing performance or aid with speed on flat surfaces.

The weight of the Trekker GT which Triumph calls an e-Cycle is just 24Kg including the battery which brings it in at average for what is a more an Urban Commuter e-Bike than a full-blown Mountain Bike. However, as I have described the powertrain would help you accomplish hills easily. The Triumph e-Cycle, like its motorcycles, is well equipped with bright front and rear lights that work from the rechargeable battery.

A charger comes with the Trekker GT which fits neatly into the charging point on the mainframe of the eBike. Full charging takes six hours, ideal for getting you to and from work. It can be plugged in at any electric socket whether this is work or home. Commuting by bike becomes pleasurable rather than a chore as you arrive fresher than you would if you had to power along under your own steam to ride in.

e-Bikes are bringing down the obstacles that people placed in front of themselves to not ride to work. They allow you not to work so hard while riding, thus producing less sweat, meaning work clothing can be worn, not a separate set of clothing.

Previous research has shown that women are deterred from riding to their workplace, as they have a fear of arriving hot and sweaty and then not having somewhere to change and apply makeup. Using an e-Bike certainly goes a long way to help prevent the glowing look after a ride and opens upcycling to female commuters.

On the subject of commuting, we know, it is changing due to the pandemic, using an e-bike comes into its own as an excellent way to avoid public transport. The Trekker GT appears costly at just under £3000, but it gives you the freedom to commute without any expense or time using Public services.

I lived in Surbiton with a daily commute into central London, which is just 14 miles, yet took me over an hour on a good day. I had to walk to Surbiton station, hope my train was on time, then fight for a seat, get hoarded through at Waterloo to then have another twenty-minute walk to work. A pain in the proverbial which cost me nearly £3500 a year for a season ticket to ride.

Triumph's Trekker GT e-Cycle at the entrance to Alver Park

Buying and using an e-Bike allows you to save money, save time as you can do 15 mph easily on the Triumph Trekker GT in the economy setting without struggling to pedal hard. Go straight from your house directly to work, no overcrowding with sweaty commuters, and praying the train is on time. The riding also improves your physical and mental health.

I can’t say you would benefit saving time if your commute is over twenty miles. Still, these distances are achievable on an electric bike as range and power allow for up to a useable 80-mile average using standard setting. If you can charge your Trekker GT at work, then you could use the Highest assistance mode with no fear of losing electrical power supply.

I thoroughly enjoyed my week using the Triumph Trekker GT e-Cycle every day to try it on commutes in traffic, and plenty of leisure activity with it. The tyres it comes with as standard are not the best for off-road use, but they cope on drier surfaces and well on the roads. It comes with integrated bright front, and rear lights switched on from the computer display on the handlebars.

The computer controls your settings and User Mode, whether Economy, Normal or High. You can see the range available on the battery, cadence, speed and time. Triumph also provides a decent luggage rack for panniers or cases, to attach to and an integrated rear wheel lock.

I can’t guarantee it will get you up Ben Nevis or any other hill because that does come down to the rider’s ability but with mud tyres fitted I can ensure it will make the Trek much easier. It also has the quality of all the Triumph motorcycles I have ridden, which is superb.

Triumph Trekker GT – Where and How?

Price as tested: £2950


  • Battery: Shimano BT-8035 Integrated 504Wh
  • Charger: Shimano EC-E6002 2A with adaptor
  • Motor: Shimano DU-E6100, 250w, 60Nm.
  • Shifter: Shimano SL-M6000-R Deore, Rapidfire Plus 10 Speed
  • Rear: Derailleur Shimano RD-M6000, long cage, Shadow Plus 10 Speed
  • Crank Arm: Shimano FC-E6100, *S/M – 170mm, L – 175mm with 38T Chainring
  • Cassette: Shimano KCSHG5010136, 11-36T, 10-speed


  • Front Light: Benex ET-3502-E 90 LUX LED 350LM with integrated reflector
  • Rear Light: Benex ET-3213-E LED with light tube, 50LM with integrated reflector
  • Kickstand: Ostand CD-177BA Alloy, Black
  • Cargo rack: Ostand EX-CP55-AB Alloy, Black
  • Rear Wheel Lock: ABUS 5850 Pro Shield

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Triumph's Trekker GT e-Cycle - All the Renowned Quality Minus the Noise 2


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