Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo is the Essence of Italy

Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo is the Essence of Italy

The Bloomsbury Club has created a taste of Italy in a bottle with their Tuscan Tree drink. The Non- Alcoholic Aperitivo is refreshing enjoyed mixed with Tonic or Lemonade any time of the day. Jeremy Webb sampled it and was taken back to the rolling hills of Tuscany, sadly in spirit only.

Tuscany conjures up images of spectacular landscape, history and a rich artistic legacy. In Spring and Summer, the sun shines all day long and lends itself to refreshing drinks outside. The Italians have an hour set aside for Aperitivo, pre-dinner drinks, and The Bloomsbury club has captured this cultural ritual in their non-alcoholic Tuscan Tree.

Warm colours are the essence of this region of Italy, whether in the beauty of sunflowers, the colour palette used in Tuscan homes or when looking at the magnificent Dome of Florence Cathedral when viewed at sunset.

Tuscan Tree non-alcoholic aperitivo spirit made from Tuscan blood oranges reflects the spectacular colours of Tuscany.

People enjoying a glass of Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

Each region of Italy offers delicious and unique cuisine, and Tuscany is famous for its simplicity and seasonal food. When many of us want more natural products, the producers of Tuscan Tree have developed a delicious aperitivo spirit that is low in calories and sugar, has zero fat, and is vegan friendly.

Infused with natural blood orange juice and light flavours of genuine Italian sparkling wine, the alcohol is removed before blending and bottling. Various oil extracts and water-based infusions are distilled in copper pots.

Bittersweet characteristics flavours are enhanced with selected botanicals. Cardamon, pimento and cinnamon bark oil evoke the bitter elements whilst rhubarb root, cinnamon bark and orange peel botanicals provide the sweetness and colour of sunshine.

Michelangelo, who was born in the Republic of Florence, said, “There is no greater harm than that of time wasted”. The Bloomsbury Club must have taken on board the words of this great artist and spent time developing a unique product.

A bottle of the Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo out in the garden

In these days when foreign travel is difficult, I would recommend not wholly listening to Michelangelo but wasting a little time relaxing outdoors, watching the sunset with a large spritz made from Tuscan Tree and tonic water with ice and a slice of orange whilst enjoying some salami and cured meats. ‘Splendido’.

Tuscan Tree – Where and How?

Tuscan Tree has conservative drinking values at its core; it is vegan-friendly, allergen-free, has no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, and is low calorie.

The drink in detail:

  • 0% ABV distilled spirit infused with natural blood orange juice & Italian sparkling wine, alongside a complex blend of non-alcoholic botanical distillates
  • Botanicals with bitter and sweet notes have been selected, including cardamon, pimento and cinnamon bark oil, rhubarb root, cinnamon bark and orange peel.
  • Tuscan Tree works particularly well as a spritz, with a large measure topped up with either soda or tonic water and served in a large, ice-filled Copa glass and garnished with a wedge of orange.
  • Vegan friendly, allergen-free, has no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, and is low calorie.

RRP: £10.99- £11.99 (70ml bottle). For more information, visit www.tuscan-tree.com.

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Tuscan Tree Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo is the Essence of Italy 2


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