TWG Tea launches an exclusive Haute Couture Tea Collection

TWG Tea launches an exclusive Haute Couture Tea Collection

Now Haute Couture can be worn and drunk as well! In the spirit of high fashion and the creative designers of haute couture, TWG Tea offers an aesthetes’ collection of unique and exclusive seasonal tea blends that reflect the core of TWG Tea’s global expansion and cosmopolitan appeal.

Distinguishing itself from the archives of cultural tea traditions, the world’s finest luxury tea brand is constantly conceiving and shaping the trends of this new era with creations that are sensual, irreplaceable and exceptional. At once challenging and inventive, TWG Tea defies history in the crafting of its myriad collections, each more provocative and alluring than the last. TWG Tea Haute Couture tea collection was first launched in 2008 in Singapore with the signature Silver Moon Tea. A grand green tea bouquet that represents the ultra-modernity of this cosmopolitan city, this tea has become one of the most popular blends ever launched by the brand.

“The circumstances that influence fashion influence the rest of the world,” explains TWG Tea’s President, Taha Bouqdib. “We take inspiration from the same, often subtle, shifts in the collective emotions of the day to create an unexpected encounter in the teacup.”

The single estate harvests and exclusive tea blends are personally selected by Mr. Bouqdib who is one of the most established and renowned tea innovators in the world with over 20 years of experience in the luxury tea industries in France, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Japan. Mr. Bouqdib, a Frenchman of Moroccan origin, travels the world over in order to fashion new types of tea that will appeal to modern tea drinkers. He is a tea visionary who works tirelessly, pushing tea planters to new heights of creative genius.

In harmony with the natural essence of each harvest, he has selected the most exceptional teas, working them with skill and foresight to create blends that will tantalize the palate and reflect the uniqueness of the moment. The Haute Couture tea collections are a selection alluding to indelible memories of marvellous flavours.

TWG Tea launches an exclusive Haute Couture Tea Collection

The collection includes:

  • 1837 Black Tea
  • Alexandria Tea
  • Brother’s Club Tea
  • Early Grey Gentleman
  • Follow Me Tea
  • French Earl Grey
  • Geisha Blossom Tea
  • Jade Dragon Tea
  • Maharaja Darjeeling Tea
  • Midnight Hour Tea
  • Napoleon Tea
  • New World Tea
  • New York Breakfast Tea
  • Oud Night Tea
  • Place Vendôme Tea
  • Red of Africa Tea
  • Royal Moroccan Tea
  • Sakura! Sakura! Tea
  • Silver Moon Tea
  • Singapore Breakfast Tea
  • Tea Party Tea
  • White Christmas Tea
  • White House Tea
  • White Spring Tea

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, TWG Tea has introduced two delicious macaron flavours – Matcha Macaron and Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya Macaron as well as a phenomenal tea blend, Oud Night Tea.

The first new flavours the brand has introduced since it launched its original range of eight tea-infused macarons in 2007, these handcrafted jade green and turquoise gems were years in the making, perfected by TWG Tea’s legendary Executive Patisserie Chef, Philippe Langlois. Relish the joyous Iftar and late Suhoor with these luxurious pleasures that are crafted with all-time favourite flavours.

Made with a crisp Matcha almond shell, the Matcha Macaron is filled with a luxuriously smooth Matcha-infused ganache

Made with a crisp Matcha almond shell, the Matcha Macaron is filled with a luxuriously smooth Matcha-infused ganache. The rarest and most costly of Japanese green teas, Matcha is a finely powdered Gyokuro, yielding a smooth and grassy cup accented by a delicately bitterness which provides an ideal contrast to the inherent sweetness of the macaron.

The vibrant turquoise shell of the Vanilla Bourbon Tea & Kaya Macaron encloses a stunning cream made with pandan leaf extract, white chocolate and coconut and one of TWG Tea’s signature red tea blends from South Africa, Vanilla Bourbon Tea to add a rich note of vanilla. Kaya, the coconut jam quintessential to Malaysia, inspired Chef Langlois to come up with this delightfully original creation.

Each macaron is infused with a signature TWG Tea blend and features the freshest and most exceptional ingredients with no artificial flavourings or preservatives. To cater to the Asian palate, the sugar in these jewel-toned confections has been painstakingly reduced by a third, making TWG Tea macarons unique in the market, tastier and healthier than their counterparts.

The Oud Night Tea represents TWG Tea’s daring research into translating the rarest of perfumes into the teacup. Since the dawn of time, Oud has been considered to be one of the fragrances of paradise. A private luxury, Oud is burnt in homes for only the most honourable guests during special occasions, offering its sweet aroma to the air, permeating garments, wafting through rooms as a magnificent and ethereal gift. After years of research, TWG Tea has conceived an exquisite blend that gives taste to Oud.

And to celebrate this holiday season with your loved ones, TWG Tea Ramadan hampers are the perfect giftsInspired by the ancient trading of Oud along the incense route of antiquity, stretching from Mediterranean ports through Arabia to India and beyond, the tightly rolled black tea leaves of Oud Night Tea are scattered with shining gems of gum Arabic. Infusing into an earthy cup of molten copper with a strong woody fragrance, this exclusive TWG Tea blend is an ardent offering that is smooth on the palate and finishes with a lingering aftertaste.

Elegantly packaged in an iconic 100 grams TWG Tea Haute Couture Tin, TWG Tea recommends using 2.5 grams of Oud Night Tea to be infused for 2 to 3 minutes at 95°C.

Complimenting this exquisite blend is the Oud Night Tea Scented Candle, a luxuriant and incandescent dream of sweet eternity, a potion of resin, cedar and smouldering tea flowers, a reincarnation of the tea table in a fragrance for an unforgettable moment.

And to celebrate this holiday season with your loved ones, TWG Tea Ramadan hampers are the perfect gifts, filled with an extraordinary collection for the tea table with a selection of teas, tea accessories and other gourmet delights fitted into an elegant gift box. An introduction to the infinite variety of fragrances and flavours of the world of TWG Tea.

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