Interview with Uffe Lauge Jensen, Founder and Creator of Lauge Jensen

The detail on a Uffe Lauge Jensen motorcycle

SP: What do you think defines a luxury motorcycle – is it the price tag or the specification?
ULJ: Luxury is not about money, but about the specification and quality. To me, it’s about having a unique product that is personal to the customer. Our bikes are made to stand out from the crowd. We want our clients to be proud of their bikes knowing that it’s been built especially for them and there is not a replica out there. Luxury is about putting your mark on something that is very special to you.

SP: What upgrades can we expect with the 2014 model year?
ULJ: There will be new engines, new brakes and new fronts to our motorbikes from next year. We are always working on ways to improve our bikes. We never take a back seat and will always continue to strive for perfection. For us, it’s about being the best. We are also going to be introducing keyless bikes. So yes, lots of upgrades coming up next year!

SP: Anders Kirk Johansen, the owner of Lauge Jensen, is an heir to the Lego family. Does this reinforce your financial stability?
ULJ: Of course it is easier to do things when you have money in the company so we are very happy that we have the financial help from Anders. It also means that we can expand and really get our product out there to reach people worldwide. You have to invest in your product to get the best outcome.

Interview with Uffe Lauge Jensen, Founder and Creator of Lauge Jensen 2

SP: Where do you see Lauge Jensen in five years’ time?
ULJ: I can see us producing around 100 bikes a year. We will never be the largest company but we’ll certainly be an exclusive one that everyone will know about. I want Lauge Jensen to be renowned worldwide so that anyone can have a motorbike built to specification no matter where they live. The right people will know about us and will be our customers.

SP: Who are your biggest competitors?
ULJ: I believe the biggest competitor is myself. That’s because I always strive to be the best and always want to improve things. It’s like I’m never satisfied and want to do better and better. I will never be complacent. We are also very unique in that we build bikes to specification so we don’t really see ourselves as having any competitors as such. As long as we have got the financial backing and keep striving for the best, we will be successful in being the best.

Interview with Uffe Lauge Jensen by Sabi Phagura

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