2020 Valentine’s Day Guide – Gifts, Places to Stay, Food & Drinks

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The YuYu Hot Water Bottle

YuYu How Water Bottle

Who wouldn’t appreciate the large spread of blissful heat from the YuYu Bottle this Valentine’s Day? Given the constant change of weather we experience in this country, this will be one of those presents that will be used on far more than a single romantic day, and proves you’re paying attention to your partners’ needs!

YuYu How Water Bottle

The hot water bottle is soft, with an elongated shape and measures 81cm in size. It is the world’s first long hot water bottle and can stay warm for up to six hours. The bubbles on its surface have a dual purpose, they act as a massaging feature via air pockets, and at the same time, these bubbles helps to maintain the heat.

The YuYu Hot Water Bottle is an Eco-friendly product due to it being biodegradable and fair trade. It can be effortlessly wrapped around your body and the strap offer multiple ways to wear it, ensuring total hands-free heat. You can even tie the YuYu around your waist, back or shoulders to ensure nowhere gets too chilly. For more information visit www.yuyubottle.com.

Nightwear for Valentine’s Day

Nightwear for Valentine's Day

Luxurious nightwear makes a thoughtful and much-loved gift for Valentine’s Day. And with research showing that the majority of men find nightwear SEXIER than lingerie in the bedroom, giving nightwear this Valentine’s could be a recipe for love.

Our suggestion is one of the best sellers at A Pretty You London. It’s the Bamboo range and is made from a super-soft bamboo Viscose fabric.

A Pretty You London Bamboo nightwear in white

The pieces are available in three colours, classic black, creamy white and the signature Pretty You London oyster. Pieces in the collection have contrasting trim detailing and a flattering cut that drapes beautifully across the body. It’s also available as a trouser set and nightshirt.

You can read more about the Bamboo collection and other items from Pretty You London here www.prettyyoulondon.co.uk.

Guylian Chocolate Praline Hearts

Guylian Chocolate Praline Hearts box

In an eye-catching red box, the Praline Hearts from Guylian have just the right visual impact.

The boxes contain marbled Belgian chocolate hearts filled with moreish roasted hazelnut praline. The good news is that they won’t put a large dent in your finances. The 42g box (RSP £1), which contains four praline filled hearts, is the ideal love token, whilst the 105g heart-shaped box (RSP £4) makes an even more impressive Valentine’s Day gift.

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse

Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse chocolate heart

If you want to spend a little more on your sweet-toothed partner, Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse has introduced two unique gourmet chocolate hearts. These comprise of ‘The Layered Heart’ and the ‘Heart to share’.

With the Layered Heart, each half is made from successive layers of chocolate interspersed with layers of hazelnut and almond praline.

Also new for 2020 is ‘The Heart to Share’. This comprises of two dark chocolate coated halves filled with layers of praline. Milk chocolate lovers have not been left out as it has a secondary layer comprising of milk chocolate and hazelnut praline. This is an ideal treat for two.

Both of these special products were created by Pierre Tachon, Ducasse Paris’ Artistic Director. There is good news for those in and about London; the chocolates are now available to purchase in-store at the Coal Drops Yard boutique in King’s Cross. For more information, visit www.lechocolat-alainducasse.com.

2020 Valentine's Day Guide - Gifts, Places to Stay, Food & Drinks 3
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2020 Valentine's Day Guide - Gifts, Places to Stay, Food & Drinks 3

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