Vaughtons Launches ‘Thank You NHS’ Badges with Profits Going to Charity

Vaughtons Launches 'Thank You NHS' Badges with Profits Going to Charity

British company Vaughtons is helping the country to show it’s gratitude by spearheading an NHS Charities Together fundraiser, creating exquisite ‘Thank you NHS’ lapel badges for the public in gold and silver-plate.

You might not instantly recognise the name Vaughtons, but you’re very likely to have seen their work. The Birmingham-based company are makers of the badges seen on McLaren and Aston Martin motor vehicles. They are also the company responsible for making Barclays Premier League medals, Olympic medals and mayoral chains.

Vaughtons creations are so exclusive that many people will never be fortunate enough to own something made by them. This has all changed thanks to their kindness and generosity shown by Nick Hobbis and his colleagues.

Nick Hobbis with a Vaughtons badge on an Aston Martin

The 200-year-old company has turned its renowned skills to producing hand-made unique pin badges. These badges will be made in their Midlands-based workshops and will be sold with profits going towards NHS Charities Together and will hopefully become the “poppy of the 21st Century”.

The pin badges take the form of a rainbow with the worlds THANK YOU in bold relief underneath. They are stamped using manually operated machines with the enamel being hand-laid. There is nothing automated about the badge making process, and you can consider each one an individual hand-made work of art.

Nick Hobbis and family making badges at Vaughtons

Gratitude for the incredible work done by NHS workers shouldn’t stop once the country returns to normal. Vaughtons understand this and have pledged to continue making the badges available both as a keepsake and reminder of how fortunate we are to have this incredible institution looking after us.

Vaughtons Managing Director Nick Hobbis, said: “The country has pulled together throughout this awful time with unanimous support and thanks for the NHS and the workers who have put their lives on the line for us. This is Vaughtons’ way of saying thank-you to them.

“The rainbow has become a symbol of hope and gratitude, and is set to become the 21st Century’s ‘poppy’ – a reminder of what people were willing to do for each other when they were called upon.”

Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of NHS Charities Together, said: “Thank you, Vaughtons for donating the profits from this pin badge to NHS Charities Together. These funds will help us continue to support NHS workers, volunteers and patients impacted by COVID-19. What a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ to those of deserve it most.”

Vaughtons Thank You NHS badge

If you want to show your appreciation for the NHS by proudly displaying a Vaughtons THANK YOU NHS badge, they are available for purchase from

The badges are priced at £9.99 including postage in the UK and are available in gold or silver plate.

The images used in this article were taken by Adam Rowley.

Vaughtons Launches 'Thank You NHS' Badges with Profits Going to Charity 2


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