Mastering the Art of High-End Vegan Cooking with Kirk Haworth

Mastering the Art of High-End Vegan Cooking with Kirk Haworth

Kirk Haworth, a pioneer of plant-based cookery, has joined the ranks of Learning with Experts and is ready to teach you the essentials of plant-based cooking along with some of his signature dishes.

Online learning courses are proving to be one of the country’s most popular pastimes, and if you want to learn from the best of the best, you need to look no further than Learning with Experts.

The company has a raft of incredibly knowledgeable people working with them including luminaries such as Michel Roux Jr, Paul A Young, Joanna Hardy, Noel Kingsbury to name but a few. The latest expert to join their ranks is Kirk Haworth, the founder of the high-end plant-based eatery, Plates in Shoreditch.

Learning new cooking skills while at home is creating a new generation of culinary experts. And if we add the increasing interest in plant-based diets, the addition of Kirk Haworth to the online teaching ranks is sure to make many people very happy.

Even if you’re simply thinking of cutting down on your meat intake or wanting to add some variety to your diet, Kirk Haworth is the man to learn from. And with the flavoursome and exciting dishes he’ll be teaching on his course; we’re quite sure you’ll never miss meat again.

Kirk Haworth at Plates in Shoreditch

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore Vegan or obligate carnivore simply looking to try something new, Kirk’s Vegan and plant-based cooking course will teach you how to maximise the flavour of vegetables in your fridge, explore the benefits of a plant-based diet and show you how to bring professional-standard Vegan cuisine to your table.

Available on the Learning with Experts website, Kirk’s course, Vegan and Plant-Based Cooking begin with the basics to ensure your pantry is kitted out with the key components required to excel in plant-based cooking.

Once you have the right tools, you will learn about the nutritional and environmental benefits of a Vegan diet and cook up classic seasonal dishes such as an adaptable soup and his signature Spring Risotto.

In your final lesson, you will learn how to create a show-stopping, plant-based fine dining experience, perfect for impressing loved ones and showcasing the advantages of a Vegan diet.

Students will be left with lifelong skills and a fresh, newfound attitude towards plant-based living, as well as an in-depth understanding of the benefits to both body and planet.

Learning with Experts offers the opportunity to learn from the top experts within their field from the comfort of your own home. Intimately sized classes of 20 help foster a sense of community, enabling you to interact with peers and share your creations as well as ensuring that you receive individual attention and support.

The course completion rate at Learning with Experts is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%.

There are two, course options available: £89 for Peer option and £299 for Expert option. During this period of isolation, all course purchase prices are reduced to £29 and £109 respectively. To sign up, visit

Mastering the Art of High-End Vegan Cooking with Kirk Haworth 2


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