How the Venezianico Redentore Ultrablack Draws You to the Dark Side

The Venezianico Redentore Ultrablack, A Minimalistic Luxury Timepiece

The Redentore Ultrablack watch from Venezianico celebrates darkness—the black of the vastness of Space and the hypnotic effect of absolute black.

Created in 2017, Venezianico is the initiative of two brothers, Alessandro and Alberto Morelli. Their idea for the project was to develop automatic watches as a tribute to the city of Venice. They would do this by customising rotors, the mechanical components that mark these watches.

The latest model from Venezianico is the Redentore Ultrablack, which celebrates the purity of black, Space, minimalism and beauty. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and features an ultra-essential design with a hypnotic absolute black dial.

The watch strap laid over a chunk of black space rock

The watch encapsulates the non-colour of deep Space that encloses the beauty of the universe. A colour with a magnetic and mysterious charm that captures your soul and gaze. A unique sensory and emotional experience that permeates your entire being and echoes the intriguing dark side that lurks within each of us.

The Redentore Ultrablack is the essence of elegance, luxury and refinement, with the absolute black dial proving an enigma never fully revealed.

Each time you look at it, you feel it is looking at you, digging inside you with an intense, deep gaze that won’t let you go. At the same time, it recharges you with strength and determination.

A close up look at the timepieces pure black dial

Redentore Ultrablack is named after its absolute black dial, obtained from the exclusive Japanese paint Musou Black™ which absorbs 99.4% of light. The paint was developed by Koyo Orient Japan Co Ltd and utilised advanced technologies guaranteeing quality and durability over time.

The dial of Redentore Ultrablack is akin to observing deep Space, where absolute black dominates unchallenged. An engraving on the case back depicts a satellite, referring to the era of space exploration and is meant as an invitation to discover the unknown, to unravel its mystery.

A Seiko NH35A automatic movement powers the Redentore Ultrablack and sits inside a surgical steel case, which is adorned with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which highlights the striking blackness.

For determined people with an innate sense of elegance who are looking for a versatile product, Redentore Ultrablack is perfect for any occasion and outfit, refined, distinguished, of high quality and timeless design. Thanks to its exceptional light absorption capacity, the dial in MusouBlack™ is an actual minimalist work of art.

The Redentore Ultrablack is complemented by a genuine Anilveau leather strap made in Italy, and of course, it is black. Wearing such a watch means carrying the infinite on your wrist.

The timepiece is priced at 500 euros. For additional information on the Redentore Ultrablack and to see the Venezianico products, visit

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The case back, which has a satellite engraved into its backHow the Venezianico Redentore Ultrablack Draws You to the Dark Side 2

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