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You have invested in stocks and shares, fine wines, and real estate, yet the one commodity which currently lacks investment is actually the most important; your health.

The concept of controlling and managing your health may sound an impossible ideal as it is a common, yet mistaken, belief that your health is the luck of the draw and that there is nothing which can be done to improve it; however the emergence of exclusive health management companies – such as Viavi – are giving individuals the opportunity to take control of their health, often for the very first time.

Nestled in the heart of London’s world-famous Harley Street district, Viavi is a unique private client health management service which aims to challenge the way individuals perceive and manage their health. The brainchild of Chief Executive Dr Sabine Donnai – a leading global authority on integrated health management and preventive medicine – and Chairman Chris Jessop – a highly successful healthcare executive and entrepreneur – Viavi believe that health is not ‘incidental’; it is the outcome of the way we live our lives, what we eat, how much we travel, our genetic predispositions and many other factors. The company’s raison d’être is to help individuals gain full control of their health and they do this by adopting a very different approach.

Chris explains: “Viavi was created as we wanted to deliver a health management service without barriers – clinically, geographically and financially. We wanted to challenge the traditional way of doing things and apply a combination of world-leading science, deep root cause analysis and utter personalisation. Importantly, we wanted to develop meaningful on-going relationships with our clients, providing the support to help them achieve their goals and take real control of their health”

It is clear from speaking to Chris that he believes that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health, preventative medicine and the assessment of health just does not work: he explains that you can share the same birthday, be brought up and educated in the same way, eat the same food and undertake the same exercise programme and yet the impact upon our health can be very different.

In response to this, Viavi is a service which does not take ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to health; it goes beyond the boundaries of the obvious causes and seeks to find a solution for every client and their individual health concern. To bring this ‘takes no prisoner’ health philosophy to life, Sabine shares one example of a client – a CEO in his mid-forties, who was seeking to lose some weight, yet despite the obvious methods, wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

She explains: “A personal trainer was retained and various diets tried, but with no success. He was also feeling tired, which was put down to the normal stresses of work. Through a bespoke assessment, we identified an underlying issue of low adrenal hormone levels, most likely as a result of the insidious work pressures. The type of training and dietary regime the client was undergoing was actually making matters worse. We first managed the primary issue of the low cortisol (stress hormone) level, which was resolved within a few months. Following this, the client resumed very specific exercise activities and along with a carefully prescribed dietary programme, was able to achieve his weight targets and in the process avoid the complete burn-out he was heading for”.

With clientele ranging from leading business figures and members of international royal families, through to Michelin-starred chefs and a Premiership Football Club, Viavi has garnered an enviable reputation for health management. Viavi has become an essential part of their life, and with the depth of service offered and the level of care and attention given to each individual’s, it is easy to see why.

Although the company believes that private client health management is bespoke and highly personalised, the services offered by Viavi can be summarised into three broad areas:

viavi-2A World-Leading Health Evaluation and Health Optimisation Programme
This service is relevant when you have reached that time when your health comes to the fore. There might be health issues or concerns that you want addressing, you might want to do all you can to protect your future health and maintain the energy and performance levels you need to meet your demanding job and lifestyle, or you might want to embrace the latest medical thinking to manage the ageing process, helping you live as long as possible, looking good and maintaining a great quality of life. Whatever the reason, you now want to take control, to have peace of mind that you have the support and knowledge to help you achieve your life ambitions. It starts with a quite remarkable health assessment, delivered by a handpicked multi-disciplinary team of top clinicians. It includes technologies and investigations far beyond what competitors are utilising, providing an unusually detailed and unique insight into your health, and the basis from which to establish and agree the particular priorities for you going forward.

Family Office for Health
Bespoke to the specific requirements of each Family, Group or Organisation, Viavi provides advice, support and management of any health related needs that arise. Whether it is to ensure the optimum outcome for any health problems or to protect future wellbeing, Viavi will tailor the programme accordingly

Health Advocacy to Resolve Complex Health Issues
When health problems occur, it can be difficult to know whether you are on the right track back to health, to know whether you have access to the very best expertise, to feel reassured that everything possible is being done, and to feel that all parts of your care are being joined up and are not just a series of silos. This is where Viavi will help, acting as your personal health advocate, pulling everything together, guiding you and supporting you through the medical labyrinth to the best possible outcome. Throughout you are looked after by a team, headed by a leading general physician. They will review your case, orchestrate the best plan of action, connect you if necessary with the very best expertise globally and be your companion every step of the way.

In the words of Sabine Donnai: “it is hugely rewarding to see the Viavi approach generate some great health outcomes and to be involved in something that is clearly so fundamentally worthwhile”.

It is clear that people’s increasing desire to be in control of their health, just as much as the other areas of their life, is here to stay…………..

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