VicenzaOro 2018 – The Ultimate Jewellery Boutique Show In Italy

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Online vs Offline

The way we buy jewellery has changed significantly over the years. The number of consumers who spend the majority of their budget online is growing year by year. As a result, jewellery brands are having to overhaul their whole thought process on how they buy and sell. This was actually one of the hottest topics at this year’s VicenzaOro event.

Initially, it may seem that traditional face-to-face of jewellery buying is becoming an outdated activity. But, on closer inspection, this is far from the truth. Through the testimony of authoritative voices. It turns out that offline and online sales can co-exist peacefully together, improving services and communications. While online sales need to offer as much information as possible about the products. Physical stores can still be competitive by increasing and improving the quality of the in-shop experience for the customer. Future success rests upon on how well companies manage to achieve the right balance, between online and offline activities.

Alessio Boschi Qajar Pride Cufflinks
Alessio Boschi Qajar Pride Cufflinks

A change in the meaning of jewellery

While chatting with some of the leading experts at VicenzaOro. We got to grips with how the meaning of jewellery is fast changing. Jewellery was once solely seen as adornment pieces and love tokens. An identity as a promise or a sign of wealth and its re-sellable value. These are all aspects that are familiar to us today. But to some degree, all this is changing. Furthermore, with the rise of millennials, jewellery is much about individual taste and expression, as it is about status and wealth. But now we care much more for expressing our individuality through jewellery than reflecting solely on social prestige. You only have to scroll down the social media pages on Instagram to see how much onus wearers and owners place on expressing style and taste.

Over the years, jewellery has been able to tell a kind of story which is experienced as much as it is viewed and admired. There may be lots of changes in the jewellery sector as mentioned above. As a result, one thing remains the same. And that is our love and passion for jewellery. That is definitely here to stay beyond 2018.

VicenzaOro – What, where and how?

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