Want to get into Luxurious Shape this Christmas? Why not try working out in Hotpants.

Want to get into Luxurious Shape this Christmas? Why not try working out in Hotpants.

This Xmas men all over the world are looking for something the women in their lives have always wanted. And they’ll be surprised to hear the answer… Hotpants!

I hear it all the time from both men and women, ‘I wish I looked like’ and the most common of them all ‘Does my bum look big in this’, the problem for the person having to answer is that you’ll Most people are concious of their shape, Zaggora has tried to help with this by releasing Hotpants that you work out in reducing weight and cellulitenever be able give the right response. The truth generally hurts, try to spare someone’s feelings or be diplomatic and you’ll eventually be accused of not telling the truth. So maybe the answer lies in, Hotpants.

Recent figures show that 25% of Hotpants bought at Zaggora have been purchased by men. Not just any pair of Hotpants, the new amazing product from Zaggora is on every woman’s wish list this Xmas!

Hotpants are the new ‘must have’ accessory for women, reducing the appearance of cellulite and helping women all over the world drop jean sizes in just weeks.

Born through a realisation that women have very little time to themselves, Hotpants fit into every lifestyle and help the wearer get more out of their day.

Hotpants are already proven by tens of thousands of women. Originally designed as an exercise partner, Hotpants can actually be worn anywhere! Over 150,000 women already have the ‘magic pants’ and wear theirs whilst they work out, doing their chores around the house, at their desk at work and even in their sleep. Owned by hundreds of celebrities and deemed as ‘the new secret weapon’, Hotpants have become an essential accessory for every woman.

To achieve the desired results Zaggora have set women across the world the Hotpants ‘2 week challenge’ in which the wearer wears Hotpants for 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks during exercise. Providing you with a 60 minute workout in 30 minutes, it’s no wonder average results show a loss of 10-12 lbs in weight in 2 weeks.

Give your loved one something they actually want this Xmas… After an indulgent festive season, they will thank you for it!

How Hotpants got started

Inspired by real women, HOTPANTS™ was founded by Malcolm Bell after his wife Dessi struggled to find an effective solution to lose weight and reduce the appearance of cellulite in time for her wedding. After trying everything to lose weight, Dessi began her research to find a product that was effective and that she was comfortable with. After coming across products that were badly marketed to women, Dessi decided to design a revolutionary product. A product that looks good, makes you feels good and one you can use every day in every lifestyle.

During a 2 week trial involving 20 women in February 2011, 19 out of the 20 women reported losing weight inches after wearing the Hotpants for just 30 minutes every day, some of which corresponded to ‘2 jean sizes in 2 weeks’. Thus HOTPANTS was born.

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