Wave Boat UK Launches Game-Changing Virtual Reality Showroom

Wave Boat UK Launches Game-Changing Virtual Reality Showroom

Leading the way with its innovative approach, Wave Boat UK unveils the UK’s first Virtual Reality (VR) boat showroom at the company’s Bournemouth showroom.

Wave Boat UK is a company that’s going places, and we don’t just mean on the water. Some of our regular readers will have read our article on their innovative Z-Line model, which can be powered by a propeller or a jet ski. It’s truly a remarkable boat and looks a tremendous amount of fun.

In addition to the launch of the Z-line to the UK market, the company is now introducing another rather interesting innovation.

Wave Boat UK is a company that prides itself on a high level of customer service. To help cement their position as one of the industry leaders, they’ve launched a VR showroom allowing customers to experience some of their excellence from the comfort of their own homes.

Wave Boat UK Virtual Reality Showroom

Customers can now become immersed in the world of Wave Boat, viewing the brand’s entire collection of boats right before their eyes. The VR showroom also goes a step further by letting customers design their own boat to their exact specification.

This interactive feature allows customers to get up close and personal with some of the company’s most popular boats, such as the new Z-Line model which has a ground-breaking design and technology and can reach speeds of up to 50mph. The option of jet power is a safer alternative and can be used in crowded waters while providing unmatched versatility.

Wave Boat Z-line being powered by a jet ski

Rob Wilson, Director of Wave Boat UK, says: “We are proud to be renowned for providing luxurious customer service to all of our customers. However, we are always on the search to keep going above and beyond.

Virtual Reality has been on my radar for some time due to its success in the design, production and manufacturing industry. Its interactive features were what initially drew me in, as this is the perfect step towards creating an innovative and imaginative experience for our customers.

I love that our customers can peruse our entire collection up close and have the option to customise their boat to their exact specification. It really adds a whole new meaning to luxury customer experience.

The VR showroom is perfect for both boating enthusiasts and those who are just entering the wide world of boating. We’re hoping that our VR showroom will also act as a method of education as customers can get a more in-depth look at our boats and understand more about the innovative design and technology which Wave Boat UK offers.”

For more information on Wave Boat and to try their virtual reality showroom, visit www.waveboat.co.uk.

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Wave Boat UK Launches Game-Changing Virtual Reality Showroom 2


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