We Head Over To Belgium To Lounge Around In Lexus Style

We Head Over To Belgium To Lounge Around In Lexus Style

Lexus really knows how to stand out from the crowd. With two global brand spaces in Tokyo and Dubai, they’ve now launched their third space in Brussels airport incorporating their signature design elements.

THE LOFT, is the existing wing of Brussels Airlines’ existing lounge at their home base airport in the Belgium capital and now with the extension to this, the new chic LOUNGE by Lexus has views of the airbridge on one side and the concourse on the other. Plane watching enthusiasts and travellers alike can while away hours drinking in the views from this high ceiling and large windows abode in complete relaxation.

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Beyond the premium automotive world as a global luxury lifestyle brand, LOUNGE by Lexus guests are provided with a wealth of facilities to make their visit comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable. They can immerse themselves in the world of Lexus in the 700m2 area with 175 seats. The area is divided into sections with different ambiences and features, including a central bar, seating zones and space dedicated for those who need to work while on the move.

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LOUNGE by Lexus is far from a conventional showroom and enables visitors the chance to explore Lexus beyond the compounds of a car. The open space offers everything the air traveller would expect, and more, in a way that only Lexus know how to deliver. The lounge has an original, contemporary design, teamed with high-quality furnishings and materials, carefully designed food and drinks menus and facilities to connect laptops and smart phones. Meanwhile, the entertainment, relaxation and revitalisation areas are second to none.

Here at Luxurious Magazine we were left totally in awe by the spa facilities. They include individual spa rooms equipped with shower facilities from GROHE. Those needing to catch up on some serious R&R can take themselves to the sleep pods. There are also “Real Pro Hot Stone” relax chairs by Panasonic. And you can enjoy a massage here similar to the integrated shiatsu-effect treatments available in the Lexus LS flagship sedan. There is also a listening suite where guests can enjoy finest quality audio from Mark Levinson.

Sleek yet comfortable furniture items have been purpose-designed for the lounge. They include multi-function occasional tables and bar counters. Lighting is adapted to suit different moods within the lounge and includes two striking installations – a cluster of Iris globes above the bar and Inaho standing lights that sway as people approach them. There are also examples of work by emerging designers on display who have participated in the Lexus Design Award.

As part of the Lexus brand experience, two storytelling cabinets bring together items, pictures and books that draw on different aspects of Lexus, from high technology to motorsports success. There are two open cabinets, located in the upper lounge, themed on Design and Takumi Craftsmanship and Technology and Performance.

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Pascal Ruch, Head of Lexus Europe, inaugurated the new lounge recently at an official opening ceremony. “With half a million international guests visiting Brussels Airlines’ Business Lounge “THE LOFT” each year, Lexus sees this partnership for the LOUNGE by Lexus as a unique and exciting opportunity to bring its core brand values to a global audience, reaching beyond the automotive world. This is a place where people can enjoy and get to know Lexus without getting behind the wheel of one of its cars,” he said.

The new LOUNGE by Lexus is part of THE LOFT by Brussels Airlines and is open daily from 5am to 9pm. It operates the same as THE LOFT by Brussels Airlines.

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