William Foley Talks CoolSculpting and its Positive Impact on People’s Lives

William Foley Talks CoolSculpting and its Positive Impact on People's Lives

CoolSculpting has been a hot topic in the news recently. William Foley, one of the UK’s leading medical aestheticians, sits down with us to explain what CoolSculpting is and how it can help transform people’s lives.

During the past eighteen months, a good number of people have been paying far less attention to how they look for obvious reasons. This is quite understandable, with many no longer needing to venture back into the hustle and bustle of an office. However, with a more normal life now appearing possible, people want to look their best once again.

If we’re honest, hardly anyone doesn’t want to look good when they’re out in public, socialising or doing business; it’s now pretty much ingrained into human nature. For some people, vigorous exercise isn’t possible, and others will not want to resort to going under the knife. So, what options are available? One, which is the non-invasive treatment CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a treatment designed to eliminate areas of fat that can’t be addressed via exercise, lifestyle changes, or dieting. It is not a treatment to help people lose significant amounts of weight; it’s more of a treatment that will enhance one’s physical appearance. There are alternatives to CoolSculpting, with the primary one being surgical liposuction. It depends on whether someone wants to go via an invasive surgical route or a non-invasive route.

Medical Aesthetician William FoleyOur go-to expert for cosmetic treatments is William Foley, who is based at the One Aesthetics Studio, which is based in Alderley Edge and the world-famous department store Selfridges. William kindly sat down with us to explain the ins and outs of CoolSculpting and how it can help positively transform people’s lives.

Luxurious Magazine: Hello William, thanks for talking to us. Let’s begin by asking you about how you became an advocate for Coolsculpting?
William Foley: I have been a CoolSculpting expert for more than five now and still work very closely with Allergan, who owns CoolSculpting. I have been trained by the world-renowned plastic surgeon Miss Jonquille Chantrey. I still work closely with her today in her practice in Alderley edge Cheshire and London clinic in Selfridges, which is extremely exciting.

With the ever-growing appeal of non-surgical procedures, Coolsculpting has to be at the top for body improvements. I’m a huge advocate for body positivity in whatever form it chooses, and I’m a true believer that people should be able to seek it out in any way they can without judgement. I feel my role in the industry is to explore and educate my patients and let them choose how they feel and what they want to improve, whether that be face, body or soul.

LM: What is CoolSculpting, and why would somebody consider having the treatment?
William: CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure designed to help reduce stubborn subcutaneous fat areas on different areas of the body through Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolosis is a term used for freezing fat in the cells in the body.

The treatment being performed on a female patient at the One Aesthetics Studio

The CoolSculpting machine freezes the fat cells to -11c, and once this happens, Apoptosis is created, which leads to cellular death, meaning the fat cells have been frozen and killed in the treated area. We can reduce the fat cells by 25% in that area in just one treatment, which is impressive. Another important thing to point out is that once the fat cells have gone through Apoptosis, the cell has died for good and will never come back, meaning this is a result-driven procedure.

LM: Talk us through the results patients can expect from the treatment and who should be considering it?
William: Usually, my patient’s see positive results within twelve weeks. However, a few of my patients have seen results in as little as six weeks, with further positive results over time. It is ideal for people who actively have a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and a great fitness regime but struggles to shift those stubborn pockets of fat.

It should be an aid that not every patient I see at consultation is a candidate for CoolSculpting, and I need to manage any expectations. I want my patients to fully understand that this is not a quick fix but a journey to take with me. What’s also important to point out is not all fat is treatable with CoolSculpting. For example, visceral fat is internal fat that sits around organs and is not treatable. In this instance, my patients would have to go under a weight loss programme with their doctor or personal trainer and then return to me when we have pinchable fat to treat. Some of my regular patients will be familiar with my saying, “if we can squeeze it, we can freeze it.”

Before and after shot following a treatment

LM: How long will it be for most people to get the optimum results?
William: After the first treatment has been completed and we have waited the full twelve weeks to see what result we have achieved, we can then treat that same area again for further reduction if the patient wishes. I would expect my patient to have a reduction of around 50%. My patient’s progress is tracked through pictures, which commences at the beginning of the treatment, after six weeks, and finally at the 12-week stage.

LM: Why do people want CoolSculpting?
William: I think it stems from people’s desire to feel more confident about how they look and feel and whether this is for pure vanity or just to help with their self-esteem. Whatever the reason, I think it’s important to accept people’s choices. People may want to feel attractive for their partner or feel better when hitting the beach with friends or after having children. Whatever form this takes, I’m certainly one to champion people’s decisions. I think peoples mental well-being is paramount, and giving them that space to discuss and explore is key for me.

LM: Any final words for people that want to start a Coolsculpting treatment?
LM: Many devices and treatments are available that say they can do the same thing and achieve the same results as CoolSculpting. However, most seem to fall down when it comes to peer-reviewed clinical evidence. I know this from the research I have done and via my patients who have tried these procedures before coming to me.

It’s vital to always go with evidence-based procedures when you’re looking for the best results. I know in the beauty world, we have things like seaweed body wraps or bodysuits that claim to make you lose inches, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. As soon as you go back to normal daily life, you’ll see the inches come back, and this is generally down to water retention.

Then we have fat dissolving injections, which can be effective in some patients. I have seen good results, but what we find is that you need a course of treatments, and the downtime can be significantly longer. Some patients, especially when having the submental area treated, can sometimes suffer from a lot of swelling, which can be uncomfortable and not practical if you want to keep things discreet.

With CoolSculpting, we know that we can give the patient a 25% reduction immediately with no downtime with just one treatment. Following a treatment, my patients usually jump off the bed and go back to normal daily life, whether that be work, doing the school run, or even joining in at their local yoga studio. My patients generally find the whole procedure pain free with little discomfort, which is why CoolSculpting is so popular globally.

LM: Thank you for giving us some of your valuable time, William, now let’s talk about my chubby cheeks and back fat!

For more information on CoolSculpting, to contact William and book an appointment, please visit https://oneaestheticstudio.com.

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