We’ve Chosen Some First-Rate Tipples to ‘Whet Your Palate’ in 2018

We Pick Some First-Rate Tipples to 'Whet Your Palate' in 2018

With 2018 now upon us and many of us still wanting to continue in the party spirit. We’ve selected three top tipples which should excite your palate in during the forthcoming year

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne
Sip champagne in style with the limited-edition Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé metal robe gift set. Founded in 1812, the House of Champagne Laurent-Perrier is recognised as one of the foremost champagne brands.

The perfect treat for loved ones and champagne aficionados, this elegant Cuvée Rosé champagne is presented in an intricate monogrammed mesh ‘robe’, with Laurent-Perrier’s initials woven into the stylish rose gold lace. The luxurious robe cage has been meticulously designed to complement the highly acclaimed sparkling Rosé and the iconic shape of the bottle.

The charming pink hues and taste of freshly picked red berries make it the perfect accompaniment for canapés and meat dishes. A light and graceful champagne, the Cuvée Rosé is ideal for special celebrations all year. The Cuvée Rosé champagne limited-edition metal robe cage includes a gift box and 75cl bottle of Cuvée Rosé. Available at: www.thechampagnecompany.com. Price: £70.

We've Chosen Some First-Rate Tipples to 'Whet Your Palate' in 2018 4

XECO sherry aperitif
XECO is an eye-popping new drink brand set to reinvent the world of sherry and offer discerning drinkers with a fresh and elegant new aperitif to savour. The perfect company at parties and gatherings, it’s delicious served straight up or as the base of a crisp cocktail. Headed up by three passionate fino friends: Beanie, Alexa and Polly, this all-female team has great plans to revive the undervalued sherry category.

XECO Fino is a crisp and refreshing dry sherry, made with some of the finest Palomino grapes from Jerez. Light herbal touches lead to a short but fresh finish and best-served fridge cold. XECO Amontillado is nutty, dry and aromatic, with aromas of fresh vanilla and sun-baked fruit. Serve it well chilled straight up in a glass, or try the XECO version of the classic Negroni, the citrus twist makes for a delicious winter tipple.

The XECO labels feature historic characters – including Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Shakespeare and Cervantes – with a neon graffiti splash, a distinctive departure from traditional ‘old-world’ sherry labelling. The Fino and Amontillado are available at Master of Malt, From £15.99. www.masterofmalt.com

We've Chosen Some First-Rate Tipples to 'Whet Your Palate' in 2018 5

Vintage Scotch whisky from The Last Drop Distillers
What better way to toast special occasions than with a wee dram of vintage amber nectar. The Last Drop Distillers’ (who specialise in discovering and hand bottling the finest, rarest and most exclusive spirits from around the world) latest release is this splendid 1971 vintage Blended Scotch Whisky. Selling at £3,000 there are only 1,352 bottles of this exceptional spirit in existence. A relic of times past, this rare liquid gold has been through a uniquely extensive three-part maturation process and is all the more remarkable given that the Single Malts and Grains in the blend were all distilled during the year 1971.

We've Chosen Some First-Rate Tipples to 'Whet Your Palate' in 2018 6

The bottling has been awarded 97 points by whisky expert Jim Murray, placing it in the ‘superstar whisky’ category. Describing it as: ‘mesmerically beautiful’, the whisky has been awarded 2017 Scotch Blend of the Year and 2017 Blend of the Year (26-50 years).
For UK stockists visit: www.lastdropdistillers.com

Please Drink Responsibly. For more advice, visit drinkaware.co.uk

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