Yogi Footwear Collaborates with YMC for New AW20 Collection

Yogi Footwear Collaborates with YMC for New AW20 Collection

Yogi Footwear, the British brand with probably the ‘coolest’ shoe treads available today has partnered with leading independent fashion brand You Must Create (YMC) on a new Autumn/Winter collection that brings style from the 60s, 70s and 90s to the masses.

We love it when leading brand’s work together, and we become even more excited when it’s two British brand’s. Yogi and YMC were both formed in the 1990s, which was a pivotal point in British Culture. They’ve been mainstays of British style and fashion since their inception, and the reason for this is probably down to their shared a love of music, fashion and the arts.

The collaboration between the two brands has resulted in a brand new twelve-piece collection which features design for both men and women. The new collection will be launching on the 17th of September 2020 and will be available via youmustcreate.com and yogifootwear.com.

Male and female model wearing Yogi Footwear

Two of our favourites within the Yogi X YMC AM20 collection are the negative-heeled Orson and Archer shoes which cost £170. These styles are available for both men and women and come in Black, Olive and Brown.

Yogi Orson womens shoe in tan

Orson is a pull-up leather lace-up shoe, and Archer is a pull-up leather Chukka boot. The styles feature an unlined pull up leather upper, rubber negative heel outsole, tonal leather laces, natural hand stitching, co-branded veg-tan footbed and YMC leather swing tag.

Fraser Moss, Creative Director of YMC, said: “For me, Yogi shoes channel the free spirit of the 60s U.S. counter culture. From the streets of Haight to the hills of Laurel Canyon this would have been the choice footwear of the outsider, the flower child, the protestor so turn on, tune in, drop out.”

Bearded Male Model wearing Yogi Footwear

Paul Batista, Sales Director of Yogi Footwear, said: “The YMC collaboration for AW20 came about because both Yogi and YMC both launched in the 90s so with two like-minded and iconic brands who share aesthetic and production values and reference the popular-culture of the 60s, 70s and 90s.”

Male and female model walking through the countryside

The collaboration will be available at the following stockists in the U.K.: Albion Stores, Liquor Store, Modern Draper, NOLA, Parasol Store, Steranko, Stuarts London. Yogi Footwear X YMC will also be stocked in Sportivo (Spain), Earlymade (Portugal), YMC (South Korea), Junky Style (Japan), Loftman (Japan), Loftman B.D. (Japan) and Selector (Japan).

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