We Visit the New, Exclusive Aesthetics Z Clinic off London’s Harley Street

We Visit the New, Exclusive Aesthetics Z Clinic off London's Harley Street

Z Clinic, a well-known Israeli aesthetics and medical aesthetic clinic, has expanded into the UK market by opening a centre just off London’s iconic Harley Street. Sabi Phagura went along to take a look around the highly exclusive clinic and discuss why looking great is ever more important.

Research has long told us that beautiful faces are not just easy on the eye but also the brain. As humans, we prefer things that require less processing effort. And in an age where social media is constantly showing us what is considered beautiful, it’s not surprising then that people are looking for a more permanent solution to enhance their features outside the beauty filters found on apps. And in response, aesthetic clinics are becoming busy.

Z Clinic is owned by world-renowned aesthetician Dr Amir Zerach, famous for his unique injecting technique, which prioritises the use of cannulas (a small flexible metal tube that helps to insert the injectable substance into the layer required in a very safe and gentle manner) over needles.

The clinic has been operating in Israel for nearly a decade, treating the country’s most recognisable celebrities and elite.

The clinic in Wimpole Street, in Marylebone, is being headed by Dr Zerach’s partner Michal Goren who has relocated to the city from Israel to oversee the operations of the health centre.

The clinic gives clients a members-only club feel from the moment they walk through the front door and onto the first floor, as it did me when I arrived to have a chat with Michal.

Three images showing the interior of the clinic

Surrounded by incredible artwork, upbeat music and high-end interiors, it most certainly didn’t feel like a clinic. I was informed this was deliberate to avoid the ‘clinical’ feeling of many UK clinics. Instead, the aim was to create an experience that reflects the clinic’s personality and thereby bolstering the confidence of clients.

“The London clinic specialises in facial aesthetics treatments such as lip augmentation, non-surgical rhinoplasty, jawline contouring and tear trough filler,” Michal informed me. “However, it also offers a range of additional treatments including body sculpting, face and body skin rejuvenation, post-acne scar treatment and many more.”

All treatments are delivered using world-leading technology by best-in-class clinicians who have been trained at the Dr Zerach Academy in Israel, learning his unique injection approach.

“Dr Zerach is an expert in his field after discovering the aesthetics industry a decade ago,” continued Michal. “Originally trained as a GP, he became intrigued by the industry and its growing popularity and decided to work in it full-time.”

Israel seems to be paving the way when it comes to the aesthetic industry. I’m not surprised. Having visited Israel three times, almost everyone looks picture perfect with their honed and toned bodies with faces to match.

A woman undergoing a facial treatment

Michal says Israelis don’t see anything wrong with getting a helping hand to look and feel good. Some just want to have the ‘perfect’ nose or a defined angular jawline while others want to adopt a feature or two that resembles one belonging to their favourite celebrity or social media idol.

Michal said Israel may be a small country, but it is at the forefront in two disciplines; technology and medical application. The Z Clinic combines those two specialisms to offer best-in-class aesthetic treatments for clients.

Expanding it to the London market, it will allow more people to attain the look and feel they want without having to board a plane. Research indicates that the global aesthetic medicine market is expected to increase by 14.5% by 20301.

Unlike most industry professionals, Dr Zerach’s approach is to use a cannula as opposed to a needle, which allows treatment to be much more accurate and safe. It allows the filler to spread equally across the dermal and subdermal layers under the skin with only one entry point. The cannula treatment also leads to less chance of migration, a smoother finish and a shorter recovery time.

Michal explained, “The unique approach to injecting offers the perfect subtle yet impactful enhancement; the technique is less invasive than traditional methods and allows the filler to spread equally across the dermal layer under the skin. The result is a smoother finish and a shorter recovery time.”

There was a time when people sought medical help of these lengths to achieve a younger look by banishing frown lines or having a facelift to defy the ageing process. But the clients visiting clinics like this one are actually younger. So why are they going?

Inside one of the treatment rooms at the clinic

Michal informed me that their core clients are aged between 20-50 and mostly women. However, more and more men are finding themselves knocking on the clinic’s doors. He went on to explain that it was because people are more aware of their outward beauty, and the rise of social media means they want to look good and feel good both on and off camera.

A young attractive woman smiling outdoors

But isn’t the desire to achieve the perfect nose, lips, and jawline with the help of cannulas and injections taking it a bit too far?

Michal disagrees. “Our procedures are less invasive than plastic surgery and help enhance one’s features rather than alter them altogether. Take you, for example,” Michal said. “You go to the gym and intermittent fast. Why do you do it? To look and feel good. We see our clinic as just an extension of that”.

It got me thinking. Sure, I do want to feel and look good and have made health a priority in my life. But I also want to have ample energy so I can enjoy life to its fullest, no matter how I get it. I don’t think there is a pill or injection that can do that yet.

A dark haired woman showing off her toned stomach

Still, I’m a great believer that everyone has a right to do what makes them happy, and ultimately it is their body. Dr Zarech’s approach to injecting is changing the game of aesthetic medicine. Going by the ‘before and after’ images I have seen, it offers natural results and a refreshing approach to many of the existing clinics in London.

Z Clinic – Where and How?

For treatment enquiries, contact the clinic’s manager at [email protected] or visit www.zclinic.uk.

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We Visit the New, Exclusive Aesthetics Z Clinic off London's Harley Street 2

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