Look After Your Heart and Bank Balance with ZWILLING’s New 4 Litre Air Fryer

Look After Your Heart and Bank Balance with ZWILLING's New 4 Litre Air Fryer

Air fryers have been all the rage in recent years, and if you’re in the market of investing in one, you will be interested in our review of ZWILLING’s 4 Litre Black Air Fryer. The premium kitchenware brand has just launched its air fryer to join the air fryer-feeding frenzy that is sweeping the globe.

Air fryers have fast become a revolutionary bit of cooking kit, and with good reason. Not only do people want to become healthier, but the soaring cost of living and energy prices are forcing homeowners to find new ways of efficiently running the household. And an air fryer ticks both boxes. ZWILLING’s 4 Litre Black Air Fryer provides cooks with an energy, cost and time-efficient solution to preparing healthy meals.

Running at 1.4kWh, it is considered one of the most energy-efficient air fryers available.

What is an air fryer?
An air fryer (sometimes called a health fryer) is a revolutionary cooking appliance that allows you to cook delicious meals in record time without using lots of fats. They are straightforward to use, incredibly versatile and can make cooking fun.

Despite the name, air fryers don’t actually ‘fry’. Therefore, it’s more accurate to say that air fryers are scaled-down fan ovens.

An image showing the black air fryer on a white background

They use convection heat to circulate hot air to cook food and rely on a chemical process known as the Maillard reaction to crisp up the exterior of food. The result is tasty, crispy food that is healthier¹ than food submerged in fat.

Foods like chips or fries are back on the menu, as a large serving of fries can be cooked with just one tablespoon of oil. Other popular foods, such as crispy fried chicken, can be cooked without oil or fat, making it a significantly healthier alternative to deep frying.

Air fryers are also energy efficient – something no doubt lots of people are turning their focus on as they face rising energy bills. Air Fryers generally use between 1.4kWh – 1.7kWh and average around 17p per day, compared to the average energy output for an oven – between 2.0 and 2.2kWh. This has resulted in “Air Fryer” quickly becoming a breakout search term over the past 12 months, according to Google Trends.

The black air fryer on a kitchen work surface next to a selection of vegetables

ZWILLING 4 Litre Black Air Fryer
The Zwilling 4 Litre Black Air Fryer is a sleek black colourway featuring six preset programmes for frying, cooking and baking. Its basket holds 4 litres which is ideal for a household of up to four (depending on their appetite), and is capable of cooking meals such as chicken, fish, chips, and pizza. The basket and the grid plate are dishwasher-safe for easy and convenient cleaning.

In addition to the air fryer’s six preset programmes, users can manually adjust the temperature between 80˚C and 200˚C for precise cooking. The LED touchscreen provides intuitive use, while the cooking process ends automatically once the selected time has been reached.

To get budding cooks started, the Zwilling 4-Litre Black Air Fryer comes complete with a recipe booklet with suggestions for meals and snacks. What’s more, it comes with a two-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

At a Glance

  • For frying, cooking and baking
  • 4-litre capacity
  • LED touch screen for easy operation
  • With six preset programs
  • Temperature adjustable between 80 and 200 degrees, 1,400-watt power
  • Grid and basket dishwasher safe
  • Recipe book included
  • 2-year standard warranty


A close up view of the top of the air fryer showing the LED control panel

I won’t lie, but each time I receive any gadget, I start to get heart palpitations before I have even opened the box. That’s because I find all the various functions a bit overwhelming.

The manuals are an addition to my misery because they tend to be even more confusing. But I was pleasantly surprised to see the ZWILLGER air fryer was sleek to look at, and the LED touchscreen buttons were easy to understand, so I was confident I wouldn’t need the manual to operate this machine.

Cooking chips in an air fryer is what most people do first, and so I thought it was best to ease myself into using the appliance by following suit. Being a health-conscious creature, I still couldn’t bring myself to use frozen chips, therefore, creating the extra task of peeling and chopping Maris Piper potatoes.

Freshly cut chips in the air fryer's trayThe cut chips were evenly placed into the bowl, and a quick tap of buttons on the LED screen and I was good to go. Less than 10 minutes later and the chips were cooked to er….a crisp.

They looked good and tasted even better. I can’t say I missed any of the greases that you get with the deep-fried version.

Over the next few days, I cooked chicken, salmon, roasted vegetables and stem broccoli. The results were nothing short of perfect each time. The best thing is I didn’t have to hang around like I normally would around the hob or oven, allowing me to get busy with other chores while my meals were being cooked.

True to the description cleaning the grid and basket was easy with warm soapy water, and the whole process of using the air fryer from start to finish felt like an efficient use of my time and energy.

As only a tiny amount of oil is needed, if at all, ‘air frying’ is a healthier method of creating many recipes. With so many air fryers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is suited to you. The ZWILLING 4 Litre Black Air Fryer is a good choice from a price point for those needing something compact due to space, yet big enough to feed a family of four.

I believe making healthy food choices is ever more important, and if you can get a helping hand from gadgets, then why not. The ZWILLING 4 Litre Black Air Fryer is a good investment on that front which I can’t see being pushed to the back of the kitchen cupboards.

It goes a long way to help save those extra few pounds through rising energy bills as well as forking out for pricey takeaways, which would take longer to arrive than prepping food and pressing a few buttons on this machine.

Chicken and chips made a much healthier way

ZWILLING 4 Litre Black Air Fryer – Where and How?

The price Guide for ZWILLING’s new Air Fryer is £139 and is available from zwilling.com/uk. A selection of Air Fryer recipes can be seen here.

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Look After Your Heart and Bank Balance with ZWILLING's New 4 Litre Air Fryer 2

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