The watch industry is incredibly competitive and to grab wealthy consumers attention, manufacturers need to consistently create groundbreaking and innovative products. Hublot is a master of this and their latest creation, the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire is a perfect example.

I doubt I will get to see one in person, but I can admire it from afar and appreciate the skills that have gone into its manufacture. Limited to just Fifty pieces and priced at £140,000 you have to be a very dedicated and wealthy collector to obtain one.

The Orange Sapphire is the world’s first watch to have a case hewn from the gemstone. It also showcases a new automatic tourbillon calibre for Hublot made in their own Maison in Switzerland. Ricardo Guadalupe CEO of Hublot, calls it “The Art of Fusion.”

The stunning and dynamic colour is a breath of fresh air for High-End Horology, perfect harmony with Hublot’s culture of excellence. The bezel’s fascination is translucent. The case is finely polished orange sapphire enhanced by the six H-shape titanium screws’ technical tone symbolising the iconic Big Bang design.

Hublot has been developing the tourbillon constantly since 2007, and the Orange Sapphire benefits from the years of experience. A new movement makes the watch beat, now being automatic via a self-winding mechanism.

It has a power reserve of a minimum of three days. The uniqueness is enhanced by reconstructing the movement in entirety, making the micro-rotor visible from the dial side. At the 12 position the micro-rotor perpetually moves, mirroring the rotation of the tourbillon which is regulated and located at the 6 position on the dial.

The grey 22-carat gold micro-rotor has exquisite decoration (bevelling, sunray-brushing and sandblasting), as well as by openwork in the precious metal, a signature of Hublot.

Sapphire is used in the movement giving further transparency in the watch. The three sapphire bridges – a barrel bridge, an automatic bridge and a tourbillon barrette are featured in the manufacture calibre a first for the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire.

The skeleton work has been accentuated by heavily open-worked and sandblasted platinum. The tourbillon cage at six o’clock revolves on its axis every minute to compensate for the pull of the earth on the movement’s direction. It is distinctive for its pure geometry which provides a glimpse into the mechanical heart of the model. The open dial is further enhanced by hands and indices with a luminescent coating.

The orange rubber strap is transparent with a lined relief, also a patented express One-Click interchangeability system. A titanium deployant buckle completes the cutting-edge look of this limited edition release of 50 pieces.

There’s no doubt Hublot’s Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire is a spectacular looking timepiece. From my own point of view, it’s probably a bit too flashy for me, then again, at £140,000 it’s quite obvious it’s never going to adorn my wrist so I needn’t concern myself!

For more information on the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Orange Sapphire, visit Hublot’s official website

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