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The History of Luxurious Magazine

We are a privately owned magazine based upon the principles of honesty and integrity. Our global team of experienced journalists travel the world, testing, reviewing, and writing on subjects of direct interest to the readers.

The magazine was born in 2004 under the name Exclusive Magazine. In 2010, while living in Malaysia, its founders, Paul and Natasha, decided to register the intellectual property for Luxurious Magazine®, and the magazine you know today came to life.

With the huge take-up of mobile devices, Paul felt strongly that there was little need for print magazines, and he could replicate the quality and the feel of a print magazine online minus advertising. He was dismayed by the huge prices charged to appear in a printed magazine and embarked on trying to change the way the luxury lifestyle news industry worked.

One of the main attractions of our Magazine to brands worldwide is that we have a policy of not deleting our articles and features. This was introduced to eliminate one of the main selling points of a print magazine – longevity. Our articles will be around far longer than those published within print equivalents.

An Ethical Approach
Luxurious Magazine does not engage in politics and religion and has a policy of avoiding publishing anything salacious. There are far too many news resources whose sole aim is to shock, offend, titillate, and scare while spreading news they know to be fake while trying to influence readers with their views.

Luxurious Magazine Logo two line versionWe would like to think that we’ve become the type of news resource people like Sir Tim Berners-Lee envisaged while developing the internet. A place where people can learn, not be shocked, tracked or made to feel bad. Luxurious Magazine is designed to educate and inspire, leaving our readers feeling happy and satisfied.

Luxurious Magazine did publish a quarterly print edition, but this was discontinued in 2017. Paul Godbold is someone who places ethics firmly ahead of profit, and he felt that many publishers were not being truthful about their audience sizes to help them generate advertising revenue. These types of business practices were something Paul would not engage in.

Probably the safest hands on the internet
We take your privacy very seriously and use an encrypted connection. The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo rates us as B+. The company’s CEO, Gabriel Weinberg, has gone on record stating: “hardly any sites get an A”.

In addition to this Sur.ly, the online safety company, awarded us a score of 98/100. Their experts consider Luxurious Magazine to be Brilliantly Safe!, which enforces our view that we are not only the safest but we are also the most transparent global news platform in the world. Visitor statistics for March 2023The details of the independent audit can be read here.

Luxurious Magazine visitor statistics
In an age where it is almost impossible to know whether what it is you are reading is the truth, spin, manipulation or an outright lie, we have opted to take an honest approach.

Although we do not accept advertising, which enables us to remain independent and not subject to outside influence, we are happy to publish information on our audience size. The latest figures show more than six million direct visits during the month.

Please note that these numbers do not include our official syndication partnership with what is regarded as the world’s largest telecom company and multiple news apps that syndicate our articles in their entirety.

You can read more about our audience size and our non-direct readership in this dedicated article HERE.

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After more than ten years and many thousands of articles, Luxurious Magazine continues to hold strong relationships with thousands of global brands who appreciate the importance of high-quality, easy-to-understand editorials presented honestly and ethically.

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To ensure that we provide a more comprehensive coverage of the UK, we’ve moved our administration and operations from London to Lancashire in the North-West of England, while the UK editorial team will still be predominantly London-based.


Given that the pandemic has resulted in most people working from home, please contact us for the address of where to send samples and review products to, the telephone number for further information is 0207 193 8380.