The Safest News Website in the World in the Lifestyle Sector is Luxurious Magazine

The safety and privacy of our readers have been a priority since we first launched well over a decade ago, and our efforts have been rewarded by the user protection service Following an independent online audit by the company, they gave us a safety score of 98/100, endorsing our hard work to be the safest lifestyle news website in the world.

One of the things that many people already know about Luxurious Magazine is we rarely blow our own trumpet. In fact, the way we work makes it very difficult for us to do this. Unlike probably every other global news site, we rarely use social media; instead, we do things in a way some will consider old-fashioned. We will write an article that, more often than not, ranks highly in the world’s leading search engines and people who already have an interest find it, read and learn from it.

Luxurious Magazine has been an innovator in the field of lifestyle news online for more than a decade, and many companies rightly regard us as the benchmark for others to be judged against. Although many things we’ve innovated have been replicated, we still do some things that the industry will struggle to do, one being our refusal to carry online adverts.

We also have zero pop-ups and do not collate and collect user data. In many people’s eyes, we are traditionally British, letting our work speak for itself and not shoving it in people’s faces in the vain hope it might spark some interest.

Last year, the online safety specialists offered to do an independent report on Luxurious Magazine, and we were happy for them to do so as we felt we had nothing to hide. Although we’ve always regarded ourselves as custodians of the world’s safest lifestyle news website, we weren’t sure if others would see our efforts in the same way. Fortunately, did, and the result was an incredible safety score of 98/100.

The privacy score given to Luxurious magazine

Another area they paid particular attention to was Privacy, and they did this using McAfee WebAdvisor, Google Safe Browsing and PhishTank, and in this respect, we again received a maximum safety rating. The final area, which is something particularly important to everyone at Luxurious Magazine, given the amount of harmful information online, is Child Safety.

The child safety rating given to the magazine

For this, again rewarded us with a maximum safety rating. Amongst the many thousands of articles we’ve written and published, the online safety company could not find anything that could be construed as adult-orientated, including nudity; there were no copyright infringements and no articles on gambling or mentions of prohibited substances.

The online world can be nasty, filled with lies and things decent people shouldn’t see. We hope our actions can set a benchmark for others to match or exceed. Our mission is to help make the online world a better place and to educate people through interesting articles. The one thing that the owners of the magazine, Paul and Natasha Godbold, will not do, is put their needs and wants ahead of the readers in the pursuit of financial reward.

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