Luxurious Magazine Interview With Bessi Jónsson, Founder Of Moonwalker

Bessi Jónsson with on of the Moonwalker vehicles in South-West Iceland.

LM: When you bought your Land Rover Defender, what modifications did you have to make to it?
BJ: I didn’t really have to do much to “Moon 2”, as it was ready to go, and came straight from the Search and Rescue Service. My other Land Rover is smaller, and I have been slowly adding more equipment to it, such as air systems and compressors. There’s always something to do, like getting stronger axles and diffs. I’m always working on them to make the Land Rovers better and better.

LM: Why did you choose this particular model rather than another off-roader?
BJ: I have been driving them for 30 years. The Land Rover Defender is uncomfortable to work in, bumpy and loud, but it gets the job done. Also with the Defender, it’s not a supercomputer and you can fix it on the spot if something, like a wheel bearing, breaks during the tour.

With many other cars, such as the Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol, you would need a tow truck to get back to Reykjavik, as it’s likely that you would need to plug it into a computer to continue.

Bessi Jónsson

LM: On TripAdvisor, you are one of the highest-rated tour operators in Iceland with. How did you achieve this?
BJ: Basically, I like to see a tour as a road trip. I only do things that I like to do, so if I’m not enjoying the day, my passengers won’t either. The idea is to get the very best out of the day, and I also want it to be the best day of the guests’ vacation in Iceland. It’s meant to be an experience, from the moment I collect you, to the point that I drop you off, with no downtime.

LM: Which countries do most of your clients come from?
BJ: Most come from the USA, and I am gradually getting more from the UK.

LM: Do you offer bespoke adventures if people want to create their own itinerary?
BJ: Yes, absolutely, and I can do anything according to what the client wants to see and do. There really are no limits!

Luxurious Magazine Interview With Bessi Jónsson, Founder Of Moonwalker 2

LM: Are you always looking for new places to visit and adventures to go on with your customers to keep your offering fresh and unique?
BJ: Definitely. I’m going to take you to somewhere that I’ve never been to before on a glacier – a perfect example!

LM: What are your Moonwalker highlights to date?
BJ: I think it has to be making it into the TripAdvisor Top 10 highest-rated tour operators in Iceland. I think also having return clients is one of the biggest compliments you can get!

LM: Aside from Iceland, where do you like to go travelling? Are there any particular destinations that are on your bucket list?
BJ: I would love to go to Mexico and Central South America – I’ve never been, so it’s next on the list. Basically I like to be surrounded by nature and go somewhere warm on holiday to have a break from the cold!

LM: Thank you for your time Bessi, and it has been a pleasure to meet you.

Bessi Jónsson and Moonwalker – Where and How?

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Photos by Simon Wittenberg.

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