Paul Godbold, the founder of Luxurious Magazine, one of the most prominent online and digital luxury lifestyle magazines is a product of both Britain and Malaysia.

Paul Godbold: “Many people in Malaysia are unaware that Luxurious Magazine is both a British and Malaysian lifestyle publication. Being half-Malaysian and living in Malaysia, is something that I am extremely proud of. I am often saddened that the luxury industry in Malaysia is completely unaware or willing to grasp that they have access to a publication that is not just a regional or national publication, but something that is truly global, something that can take their brand to the four corners of the world, and more importantly, something that is home grown. I still recall contacting a luxury spa on mainland Perak in Malaysia with a view to filming an episode of our luxury travel show promoting Malaysia, asking for the rates for staying and being given the response, we’ll get back to you. After waiting a week, I called back and was told, ‘management don’t want!”

What is it we do?
Luxurious Magazine provides luxury related news features, interviews, travel and restaurant reviews to our discerning global readership.

Why is Luxurious Magazine considered one of the leading luxury magazines in the world?

Luxurious Magazine, a global luxury lifestyle publication was founded in Malaysia and Britain. 3

Malaysia has a true global luxury lifestyle publication.

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