About the Paid-for-Editorial Service

About the Paid-for-Editorial Service 1

Three years ago and while Luxurious Magazine continues to be under his stewardship, Paul Godbold decided to make the Magazine a not-for-profit entity. It is his belief that too many publications and news platforms put profit before education and assistance for businesses and entrepreneurs. Although the Magazine is considered by many to be the leader in its field, it is Paul’s desire for it to be first and foremost, an educational resource, freely available to the world without any display advertising.

The paid-for editorial service provided by the Magazine is a way for businesses to get their story published ahead of the 100s of suggestions and bespoke articles submitted to the online Magazine each day. The charges are based upon the time and work necessary to produce the piece. Luxurious Magazine does not pay a salary to any of its editorial team; they give their time freely to the Magazine while continuing to work as paid freelance writers.

Any payments will need to be made directly to the allocated writer; this will be accompanied by an official email from Luxurious Magazine to confirm they are authorised to act in this capacity.