Adventure Parc Snowdonia is Perfect for Fans of Nature and the Outdoors

Adventure Parc Snowdonia is a Brilliant Destination for Nature Lovers

Do you want to bring some adventure into your life? Do you want to be somewhere you can be closer to nature and, in doing so, refresh your mind and body? Adventure Parc Snowdonia is an ideal place for this, and in addition, it also offers places to relax, a raft of creature comforts and first-rate holistic treatments.

The travel industry is dictated by people’s needs and wants, and what travellers want is dictated by the environment they live and work in. Over the past few years, some major events have caused a distinct seed change in people’s attitudes towards travel. No longer is doing nothing and lounging by a pool atop of the list for most; today, travel is about experiences, being closer to nature, education and revitalising one’s mind and body.

Only yesterday, my wife Natasha and I decided to take a break from the magazine, and instead of being sat behind computer screens writing about luxury and lifestyle, we headed to the Lake District to push our bodies and refresh our minds by climbing Scarfell Pike and Scarfell (England’s two highest mountains), the hard way!

Being outdoors has become so important to our lives. We even launched an online resource called The Hiking Bug to teach people about the benefits of getting closer to nature.

A young man and woman hiking through the forest

The change in attitudes towards travel is such that if a friend or colleague told you they were going on holiday and wanted to do nothing more than sit by a pool, Sangria in hand, you’d probably be thinking that it would be such a waste of time and money.

It is one of the reasons why we’re taking a look at what Adventure Parc Snowdonia has to offer. We probably wouldn’t have considered writing about it five or so years ago. However, as mentioned, times have changed, and even the wealthiest now wants to be closer to nature, making Adventure Parc Snowdonia an ideal place for modern-day travellers.

The zip line over the surf pool

About Adventure Parc Snowdonia
Nestled amongst Conwy Valley’s stunning Snowdonia scenery, Adventure Parc Snowdonia provides the perfect spot to get close to the best of nature – however you like to enjoy the beauty of it best! Whether it’s a thrilling, adventurous activity that does it for you or sitting back and enjoying the calming and scenic vistas from an outdoor jacuzzi, this place has something for every type of nature lover…

The Local Walks

The countryside surrounding the Adventure Parc

Over recent years, walking and hiking have become massively popular, mainly due to the profound benefits it has on physical and mental health. Situated amongst some beautiful mountains, Wave Garden Spa offers a handful of scenic walking routes ideal for those who love exploring nature on foot, all within a half-hour drive from the park.

For something entry-level walking and hiking, try The Roman Road. The eight-mile route takes around three to four hours to complete, and is packed full of history, contains beautiful windy roads within a remote landscape. If you’re more experienced, the Llyn Geirionydd route will be perfect and is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Beginning in the hills just above Llanrwst, walkers choosing to enjoy this 5-mile circular route can expect stunning lakes, thriving forestry and mighty mountainous views.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

A man stand up paddleboarding off the coast in Snowdonia

Cruise alongside the countryside with a stand-up paddleboarding session, where surfing meets canoeing – great for soaking up nature (quite literally) in a fun and exhilarating way. Ideal for beginners and seasoned paddleboarders alike, guests can choose to either book a lesson with a friendly guide or simply access the lagoon using their own paddleboard and skill set. The price for stand-up Paddleboarding is from £35 per person.

Zip Line & Freefalls

People zip-lining and surfing at the parc

If you’re up to the challenge, braving the extreme freefall jump and zip ride over the Wave Garden Spa lagoon is sure to give you never seen before views of Snowdonia! Testing your head (and probably your stomach too), launch yourself from the 12-metre platform and freefall before the auto-belay catches you and lowers you safely to the ground. Then, recover from the adrenaline rush with a zip ride over the lagoon, offering a birds’ eye view of the whole adventure parc and the beautiful mountains and forests beyond. If you want to feel like a superhero, the Zip Line and the Freefalls prices start from £25 per person.

Relax in the Wave Garden Spa

A woman relaxing in the sauna

No holiday break would be complete without some downtime; after all, even the most adventurous needs time to relax and recharge. One place to do this is the Wave Garden Spa, where you completely let go and soothe those tired muscles. With a tailored menu of holistic treatments, a spa garden overlooking the unique stunning landscapes, fresh mountain air, and benefits from the local pure water, the spa is inspired by nature’s calming, soothing, and serene elements.

People relaxing in the outdoor hot tub at Adventure Parc Snowdonia

Wave Garden Spa even offers a number of outdoor thermal facilities to allow guests to truly relax amidst the mountains, including an outdoor barrel sauna, open hydrotherapy pools and a jacuzzi overlooking the lagoon. Featuring products from the marine beauty brand Thalgo, the Marine Wellbeing Massage (from £95 per person) compliments the spas natural water springs and the ethos of water therapy.

Inspired by the power and flow of the sea, this massage incorporates shiatsu techniques and Swedish massage rhythms, combined with ocean-reflecting movements. With the look and sounds of nature surrounding, this massage is sure to provide the feeling of being transported to a sunny beach!

Overnight camping pods

The view from one of the camping pods

Adventure Parc Snowdonia also offers guests the chance to sleep right amongst the foothills of the Snowdonia mountains. Set amongst the lush greenery of Conwy Valley, these simple wooden pods allow people to continue admiring the Welsh outdoors long after a day of activities. With both woodland camping pods and lagoon-side pods available, guests can revel in nature right from the comfort of their own bed.

One of the wooden pods at the Adventure Parc

Each pod features heating, lighting, electricity, a decked-out outdoor seating area, oh and unapparelled views of the surf lagoon, of course! Perfect for families, groups of adventurous friends or couples looking for some escapism, each pod offers one double bed and two single beds. The price for an overnight camping pod starts from £69.

For more information about what Adventure Parc Snowdonia offers, visit their website

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Adventure Parc Snowdonia is Perfect for Fans of Nature and the Outdoors 2


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