Want to De-stress? Adventure Yogi’s DIY At-Home Retreats Could be the Answer

Want to De-stress? Adventure Yogi's DIY At-Home Retreats Could be the Answer

Hands up who needs to find some inner-calm to offset the stress we’re experiencing in these current times? Some of the most-effective ways to find some inner-peace are by practising yoga and doing meditation. In light of this, we’re taking a look at Adventure Yogi’s DIY At-home Retreats and what they are designed to achieve.

There are thousands, no millions of people in the country who don’t manage to get through a day without feeling tense and stressed. Many of these same people would’ve pooh-poohed the idea of adopting yoga or learning to meditate a few years ago, but now, that’s all changed. Yoga and meditation seem to be popping up everywhere, and for a good reason, they work!

Adventure Yogi is seeking to help stressed people by bringing world-class yoga-retreats direct to your homes. The classes want you to experience ‘That Retreat Feeling’ and should help those in need of a little restoration.

The classes are available now and contain content from yoga teachers and chef teams, including classes, meditations, workshops and activities.

Adventure Yogi’s DIY At-home Retreats gives participants full control over their retreat experience. You just need to choose a day that suits your schedule. Select a morning or evening yoga session from up to 14 live classes available via the online studio, download your customisable at-home retreat pack and you’re all set to go.

The prices are also very reasonable, starting from just £21 (including the downloadable retreat and two yoga classes).

Want to De-stress? Adventure Yogi's DIY At-Home Retreats Could be the Answer 4
Michelle King, the founder of Adventure Yogi
, said: “The current situation has brought a lot of uncertainty and stress to all of us and we’ve seen from our customer base that one of the things they’re really missing is the structure of the day-to-day.

That Retreat Feeling gives us a chance to deliver some of the elements of our usual retreat offering in an affordable and convenient way and help to relax and revitalise in a way that suits various lifestyles.

So, whether you’re looking to feel empowered or regain your calm That Retreat Feelings gives the support to get to that goal.”
Want to De-stress? Adventure Yogi's DIY At-Home Retreats Could be the Answer 4

Adventure Yogi is hosting their Virtual At-home Retreats on 27th and 28th June, and 18th and 19th July, digitally bringing its team of yoga teachers and chefs into homes around the world.

The online yoga studio offers up to 14 live virtual classes a week, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative, Yin and HIIT from just £3 per class*. For more information and to book your at-home retreat, please visit www.adventureyogi.com.

*With the 50% discount available to keyworkers for online yoga studio passes.

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Want to De-stress? Adventure Yogi's DIY At-Home Retreats Could be the Answer 4


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