Andrea ‘Andy’ Dorantes, the Inspiring Mountaineer Who is Living Life to the Fullest

Andrea 'Andy' Dorantes, the Adventurer Who Climbed the Seven Summits in 2 Years

Have you ever felt trapped in a particular path or career, longing to explore your true self? Meet Andrea ‘Andy’ Dorantes, a remarkable individual who embarked on a journey of self-discovery and adventure that led her to the highest peaks on earth.

In this feature, Sarah Andrew delves into Andy’s incredible climbing adventures and how she harnessed the power of Access Consciousness tools to transform her life. From her soccer-playing days in Mexico to conquering Mount Everest, Andy Dorantes‘ story is one of resilience, determination, and the pursuit of living life to the fullest.

Unravelling the Shackles: From Soccer Field to Mountains
Andy’s story begins in Mexico, where she spent her childhood. With a fiery passion for soccer, she pursued her athletic dreams and eventually secured a scholarship to play soccer in the United States.

However, after two years of living out her soccer dreams, she started feeling a growing sense of dissatisfaction. Realising that her heart no longer belonged on the soccer field, she decided to explore other avenues that piqued her interest.

Embarking on a Journey of Exploration
Leaving behind the drama of competitive sports, Andy set out on a quest for new experiences and challenges, which led her to Idaho. Little did she know that this decision would change her life; Idaho had an outdoor activities program that opened her eyes to a world of adventure she never knew existed.

Andy standing by the sign at Cerro Aconcagua and by the entry sign at Kilimanjaro National Park

A Finance Degree and the Pursuit of Freedom
With a newfound passion for the great outdoors, Andy continued her educational pursuits and graduated with a finance degree. However, the corporate life held no allure for her. Instead, she yearned for the freedom to explore the world and live life on her own terms.

Embracing her adventurous spirit, she worked as a rafting guide in Canada and backpacked through Europe for an awe-inspiring 2.5 months. Her ability to find unique and creative ways to secure free accommodations made this journey even more extraordinary, proving that resourcefulness knows no bounds.

A screenshot of Andy featured on a mainstream news TV program

Conquering Mountains: A Love Affair with Altitude
When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, Andy found herself back in Mexico. During this time, an unexpected opportunity presented itself – a chance to climb Pico de Orizaba, the highest peak in the country.

Undeterred by her lack of climbing experience, Andy made a bold choice and embarked on her first climb. Little did she know that this would be the start of a love affair with mountains that would take her to breathtaking heights.

After conquering Pico de Orizaba, Andy realised that her body adapted remarkably well to high altitudes.

Keen to continue her climbing journey, she set her sights on audacious targets– to conquer the highest peak on each continent within just two years. And so, the journey to the seven summits began.

Transcending Limitations with Access Consciousness Tools
In April 2021, Andy’s life took an unexpected turn when she attended her first Access Consciousness class. The impact was nothing short of extraordinary. She discovered a whole new way of approaching her climbing experiences, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness to her every move.

Inspired by the profound transformation these tools brought to her life, Andy embarked on a journey of personal growth and exploration through various Access Consciousness classes, including Foundation and Choice of Possibilities.

These classes not only equipped her with invaluable tools but also opened her eyes to new possibilities and potential.

Preparing for Everest: A Transformational Journey
As Andy prepared herself for the ultimate challenge – Mount Everest – she recognised the importance of not only physical training but also mental and energetic preparation. To ensure she was fully equipped for this monumental feat, she immersed herself in a 3 day Body Class from Access Consciousness, honing her mind, body, and being to prepare for the arduous climb ahead.

Andy at the top of a mountain acknowledging one of her sponsors

Pushing Boundaries: The Power of Sponsorship
While climbing the highest peaks on earth was a dream come true for Andy, the financial aspect posed a significant challenge. At first, she received modest sponsorship amounts, but she soon realised that she had the power to ask for more.

With newfound confidence, she approached a shoe company in Mexico City and secured a staggering sponsorship of $100,000. This pivotal moment taught her the importance of opening herself up to receiving and daring to ask for what she truly deserved.

Battling the Elements: Everest and Beyond
Arriving at Everest base camp, Andy encountered one of the most formidable obstacles any climber faces – unpredictable and treacherous weather. As she braved the elements, her body craved the MTVSS body process every night, providing her with the strength and resilience necessary to persevere.

The climb itself was a testament to the power of strength and the indomitable human spirit. With oxygen levels dwindling and the world seemingly turned upside down, Andy relied on the “everything/nothing is opposite” tool to navigate the storm and ascend to the summit alone.

Andrea standing at the top of Mount Everest

Conquering the Seven Summits
Andy’s journey continued beyond Everest. She conquered six more of the world’s highest peaks in her quest to uncover her physical and mental limits while inspiring others.

From the breathtaking heights of Kilimanjaro to the icy slopes of Denali and the wintry summit of Kosciusko, Andy proved that determination and resilience know no bounds. She even undertook the incredible challenge of skiing to the South Pole in Antarctica and scaling the magnificent Vinson.

Inspiring Others and Embracing the Next Chapter
Andy having fun at the top of a mountainThrough her extraordinary story, Andy hopes to ignite the flames of inspiration in others. Living life to the fullest is not just a catchphrase for her; it’s a philosophy she embodies with every step she takes. Looking to the future, Andy has her sights set on new adventures and endeavours.

Whether it’s conquering the North Pole, diving into uncharted waters, cycling through picturesque landscapes, or taking on the Ironman challenge, she remains committed to exploring what brings her joy.

Andy aims to become an Access Consciousness facilitator, further sharing her experiences and helping others unlock their true potential.

Andy’s climbing adventures and her profound journey with Access Consciousness tools serve as a testament to the power of embracing one’s passions and exploring uncharted territories. She has achieved extraordinary feats through resilience, determination, and a willingness to step outside the confines of societal expectations.

Andy’s story teaches us that the path to self-discovery and fulfilment lies in unlocking our true potential and embracing the adventure that awaits us. As we embark on our own personal journeys, we can draw inspiration from Andy’s incredible story and find the courage to live life to the fullest.

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Andy holding up the Mexican Flag at the Geographic South PoleAndrea 'Andy' Dorantes, the Inspiring Mountaineer Who is Living Life to the Fullest 2

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