Alpha-Stim AID, the Drug-free Way to Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia

Alpha-Stim AID, the Drug-free Way to Overcome Stress, Depression & Insomnia

The Alpha-Stim AID is a non-invasive, drug-free electronic device that can help reduce the detrimental impact of depression, anxiety and insomnia. The Microcurrent Site, the official distributor of Alpha-Stim in the UK, kindly provided us with one, and we put it through its paces.

Recently, the pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing what I can best describe as a ‘hammering’ in the press. Various insights into how the industry operates have resulted in what some media outlets alluding to a ‘breakdown in trust’. This, in turn, has spiked interest in holistic and non-prescription solutions as ways to improve health.

Over recent years, I, like many, have been drawn to drug-free health solutions, as the thought of taking pills, which seemingly do little more than reduce rather than cure a problem, is something I’d prefer to avoid.

The non-pharmaceutical health sector is expanding rapidly, and technological advancements are bringing self-health care to the masses. Given my desire to remain drug-free for as long as possible, I was very keen to see what the Alpha-Stim AID device could do.

The device with its green coloured ear clips

About the Alpha-Stim AID
The Alpha-Stim AID is a drug-free Class IIa, Type B medical device designed to help those who suffer from anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. It does this through Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES), a patented form of non-invasive brain stimulation.

The device produces a very low voltage waveform (microcurrent) to potentially induce changes to the electrical activity of the brain. Psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and insomnia are associated with alterations in electrical activity in brain networks.

The Alpha-Stim AID stimulates the cranial nerves by directly modulating the cortical oscillations in the temporal lobe, which results in a normalisation of pathological signalling in the default mode network.

How to use it
Using the device is very straightforward. Once the batteries and electrode lead are inserted, you simply attach the electrodes to your lobes and press the power on button.

A photograph of the front of the device showing the large LED display and the four buttons

The Alpha-Stim AID has four buttons. On the left side of the screen is the session time button. Next to it are two buttons that increase and decrease the intensity of the current.

The manufacturer suggests increasing the intensity to the point where you experience a very light, dizzy feeling, akin to rocking on a boat, and then decreasing it until that feeling disappears. Once you have your preferred setting, all you should feel is a slight tapping on the earlobes.

My Experience with the Alpha-Stim AID
I am a calm person by nature, probably due to years of meditation. In addition, I don’t suffer from insomnia or anxiety, so documenting any improvements would be difficult. However, my meditation allows me to recognise what a genuinely calm state feels like, so I know what to look for.

What astonished me about the Alpha-Stim AID is that I could generate an extremely calm feeling with just a couple of minutes of use, not too dissimilar to what I experienced ten or more minutes into my meditations.

I monitor and record my brain waves whenever I meditate using an electroencephalogram (EEG). My plan was to record my brain wave data while using the device; however, this proved difficult as my EEG connects via Bluetooth, and the low-amplitude waveform produced from the Alpha-Stim AID conflicted with the Bluetooth signal.

A chart showing my alpha brain wave production in the rear portion of my left and right brain hemispheres

However, after some trial and error, I was able to record my brainwave production using the Alpha-Stim AID, which showed that my alpha waves were hovering at the upper end of the scale at 12-14dB while meditating.

In Summary
I am pleased to write that this device does work, and within a short period of time, I could feel it producing waves of calm. In addition to testing it on myself, my wife Natasha also used the device multiple times and was able to replicate my experience.

The Alpha-Stim AID’s portability makes it very convenient. Plus, it can be used in private as the microcurrent produced by it is safe. In addition, its benefits are obtained without the use of drugs, and it does not log any usage data, which means it will undoubtedly appeal to many.

For people who suffer from anxiety, depression and stress, I am convinced that this will be an invaluable aid and will help significantly in reducing the aforementioned medical conditions.

For those who would prefer to read opinions from medical experts, multiple medical studies into the device’s efficacy have been published, including in the Mental Health Review Journal, Elsevier, Scientific Research Publishing and Journal of Affective Disorders, all of which can be accessed here.

Alpha-Stim AID – Where and how?

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Source: x2 AAA lithium disposable batteries (included)
  • Current: 10 to 500 A continuously adjustable
  • Frequency: 0.5 Hz (pulses per second)
  • Waveform: bipolar asymmetrical rectangular waves, 50% duty cycle, 0 net current
  • Mechanical: height: 10 cm, width: 7.5 cm, depth: 2.3 cm, weight: 106 gm with battery

The Alpha-Stim AID is available to purchase or hire from The Microcurrent Site. The company offers two models: the Alpha-Stim Aid (tested) and the Alpha-Stim M, which we will be writing about soon. The AID version of the device is priced at £478.80 inc. VAT for a refurbished unit and £599.00 inc. VAT for a new unit.

The Alpha-Stim AID comes with 256 felt pads for the electrodes, ear clips, a conductive liquid, a neck lanyard, and batteries. In addition, there is an easy-to-understand illustrated manual, which I urge all to read before using the device.

A young, relaxed woman enjoying lifeAlpha-Stim AID, the Drug-free Way to Overcome Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia 2

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