The Anden JAC Side Table Made from a Single Plank of Douglas Fir

The Anden JAC Side Table Made from a Single Plank of Douglas Fir

Anden has unveiled its new Jac Side table. It is a minimalist yet beautiful piece of furniture designed by Gavin Coyle, and incredibly this beautifully patterned piece has been made using a single plank of Douglas Fir.

London-based design house, Anden, has launched its new JAC Side Table – an extraordinary handcrafted piece of furniture ideal for any modern and minimalist home. The table is an excellent example of fine British craftsmanship, and it showcases the unmatched beauty of natural materials with a sleek, sharp look that is timeless.

As you’ve noticed from the title of this piece, and astonishing as it might seem, the JAC Side Table was constructed using just one plank of sustainably sourced Douglas Fir, which is very much in keeping with the designer’s ethos of “Very much less is more”.

A closeup view of the table and the grain of the wood

At first glance, you’d probably think that there is no way nature can create a beautiful pattern like that on its own? Yes, you’re right; although the grain is 100% natural, the secret is ingredient is the human touch.

Douglas Fir is a fast-growing timber, which results in the bold colour contrast between the early and late growth rings. By arranging the timber in sequence, the team at Anden are able to manipulate the wood’s natural pattern to create something that’s naturally geometric and utterly unique.

Two of the side tables showing the subtle difference in the wood grain

Gavin is a master craftsman with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and seeks to design unpretentious pieces. His latest creation is both beautiful and functional. It is an ideal piece for soft or hard flooring, thanks to its non-slip cork base. The £650 tables measure H 450mm x 350mm (top dia) and are made to order, which takes 6-8 weeks.

Social responsibility
When it comes to social responsibility, the UK is a world leader, and Anden is an excellent example of this. Their beautiful yet functional furniture products are hand made from the finest sustainable materials and are presented in plastic-free packaging and finished with eco-friendly oils.

Making a beautiful furniture piece from a single plank of wood is far from a simple task, and although Anden could make their lives far simpler, this would entail wastage, and that’s something that (excuse the pun) goes against the grain with the company’s founders.

Gavin Coyle and Chris Haslam of Anden

To highlight how seriously Gavin Coyle and Chris Haslam (the driving forces behind Anden) take their social responsibility; waste sawdust goes to a local paint recycling centre, any timber offcuts are used as firewood by the local Lea Valley boating community.

Final thoughts…
The Anden Jacs Side Table is an extraordinary yet functional showcase of British craftsmanship. It’s not intrusive and will certainly garner admiring glances and comments from people who see one. The fact that Anden products are designed to last means that their beautiful side table will likely become an object passed on through different generations and will almost certainly become a much-sought-after example of great British design in years to come.

About Anden
Anden was established in 2018 in Walthamstow, East London, with the aim of bringing high-class design, premium natural materials and traditional techniques to lifestyle accessories and furniture. Combining the meticulous craftsmanship of designer/maker Gavin Coyle with the industry know-how of Chris Haslam, award-winning product and consumer journalist, Anden designs beautiful and practical pieces without compromise.


  • Designed and made in East London, by Gavin Coyle for Anden
  • Made from sustainably sourced Douglas Fir
  • Natural cork base makes it suitable for hard or soft flooring
  • Jac Side Table Dimensions: H450 x 350dia mm (top)
  • Made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
  • Price: £650

For more information about Anden and their current range of products, please visit

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The Anden JAC Side Table Made from a Single Plank of Douglas Fir 2

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