ASKO’s New DW60 Dishwasher Eliminates up to 99.99999% of Bacteria

ASKO's New DW60 Dishwasher Eliminates up to 99.99999% of Bacteria

The Premium Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO has launched a brand-new dishwasher called the DW60, which comes with several unique features that promise perfectly clean dishes every time.

ASKO’s new DW60 Dishwasher could usher in a new era of dishwashing thanks to a raft of state-of-the-art features. Promising to deliver decades of care for your dishes, cutlery, glass and crockery, this new dishwasher means the end to watermarks, half-dry, stained Tupperware, broken glasses and undissolved dishwasher tablets – on paper, it seems like it could be the crème de la crème of dishwashers.

ASKO’s DW60 dishwasher has two adjustable power zones with two different spray patterns, which can either produce a concentrated high-pressure hard jet for extra dishwashing power on tall, narrow objects like bottles and vases or a wider spray for larger dishes, pots and pans.

A close up look at the inside of the dishwasher

The DW60 dishwasher is fitted with a Superior Cleaning System™, eliminating the need for rinsing dishes before being loaded into the machine. This unique system cleans the fine filter and all interior surfaces after pre-washing and rinsing the load. The main wash then starts with rinsed dishes, a clean machine, an empty filler and clean water.

If this isn’t enough to ensure spotless dishes, it’s also fitted with a unique ten spray™ system, which ensures the entire load from top to bottom gets completely clean. The stainless steel spray arms reach every spot inside the dishwasher, allowing maximum water reach and optimal drying without leaving watermarks behind.

Another unique feature exclusive to ASKO’s DW60 series is the UV cleanse mode™. Recently, we have seen UV light being used in a variety of ways to clean everything, from mobile phones and keys to its use in larger household appliances. Ultimately, UV light is proven to kill bacteria, which is why ASKO have built their latest dishwasher innovation around it and taken cleanliness and hygiene to the highest level.

The function eliminates up to 99.99999% of bacteria, so you will never have to worry about soiled and dirty cups and glasses again. It even means it’s good enough to sterilise baby bottles!

Spotlessly clean wine glasses hanging inside the dishwasher

There’s nothing worse than having to empty the dishwasher and spend time drying your cups and dishes before putting them away. ASKO’s DW60 dishwasher resolves this issue with its Turbo Combi Drying™ feature, which allows quicker and more effective drying by using a state-of-the-art fan-assistant drying system that effectively removes moisture from the dishwasher compartment.

At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher will automatically open its door to let the warm indoor air circulate inside and dry the moisture from your dishes. Therefore, as soon as the appliance has done its job, you can pop your cups and utensils away in your cupboards and drawers.

A collage of nine images showing the interior rack system

Furthermore, ASKO’s new dishwasher comes with a Flexi Racks™ system to make loading a dishwasher easier and more practical for consumers. Made with durable nylon-coated steel, the racks are sturdy and flexible, catering to a variety of dishes and utensils.

The height of the racks can also be easily adjusted depending on the user’s preference and the items being loaded. Also, unlike other dishwashers on the market, the lower rack can be fully extended to the length of the dishwasher door, making loading and unloading dishes much easier and providing plenty of different loading options for different-sized crockery, pots, pans and glassware.

We’ve all opened the dishwasher and seen a half-dissolved mess of a tablet sitting at the bottom, right? Well, that’s also a thing of the past. To make life easier for consumers, ASKO has spent years researching the exact amount of detergent needed to deliver consistently perfect cleaning results with no waste and minimum environmental impact.

The dishwasher with its door open showing the auto dose tank

The DW60’s Auto Dose function is quite ingenious as it automatically adds the exact amount of dishwashing gel required according to how soiled the load is, how hard or soft the water is and which programme you opt to use.

What makes the hack even better is the Auto Dose compartment, which stores up to 30 days’ worth, taking the hassle out of adding detergent on every load, as it will only need filling up once a month.

Designed to last for 20 years, ASKO’s fully integrated DW60 dishwasher is created with the innovative 8 steel™. Eight of the most important components, including the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, and inner door, are made of high-quality stainless steel rather than plastic.

ASKO states that no other dishwasher on the market has as many details made from steel. By using the highest quality materials and innovative design, the new DW60 dishwasher range is built to stand the test of time and deliver consistent and reliable results for users.

ASKO’s DW60 Dishwasher starts at an SRP of £1,299 and is available from selected retailers. For more information about ASKO, please visit, or contact [email protected].

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ASKO's New DW60 Dishwasher Eliminates up to 99.99999% of Bacteria 2

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