Bandero Café, a Premium Coffee-infused Tequila Wrapped in Mexican History

Bandero Café, a Premium Coffee-infused Tequila Wrapped in Mexican History

In 2021, Bacardi decided to discontinue its Patrón XO Cafe, leaving many of its fans more than a little disappointed. Since then, some companies have tried to fill the void with varying degrees of success. But now, there’s what seems to be the ideal replacement for Bacardi’s much-loved tipple, and it’s Bandero Café.

It’s rare were given a chance to write about something that hails from Mexico. However, that changed a couple of weeks ago when news of Bandero Café reached our desks. It’s an authentic coffee-infused tequila recently launched into the UK market, and we wanted to tell you its story.

Bandero specialises in creating premium Tequila from its base along the Mexico/California coast. All of its Tequila is made with the finest 100% Blue Weber agaves, grown in the rich red clay soil found at the foothills of the Guachimontones in Jalisco.

A worker handpicking agave piñas

To make its award-winning Tequila, Bandero utilises a tried and tested process. First, the handpicked agave piñas are steamed in a traditional brick oven for thirty hours to caramelise, releasing all the flavours and sugars. The piñas are left to be rested for twenty-four hours and cooled for four hours before being crushed for fermenting.

Using its own naturally occurring agave yeast strain, Bandero produces Tequila with a natural flavour, with a floral aroma. The long fermentation process uses purified water from its own well, double distillation and a chill-filtering process, which produces delicious Tequila, naturally gluten-free with no chemical additives.

The company is best known for its Bandero Blanco Tequila, which has picked up numerous awards, including the Double Gold Medal Award at the Global Spirits Awards and the Innovation Award at the Sip Awards International Spirits Competition. Not content with sitting back and revelling in creating one of the world’s most lauded Tequilas, Bandero has decided to extend its range with Bandero Café, which should fill a massive gap in the market.

One of the tequila bottles on a wooden table

Bandero Café is an authentic Mexican Tequila infused with high-quality coffee. It is a smooth yet dry drink with notes of chocolate, vanilla and, of course, coffee. It’s ideal for cocktails, and two simple ones you can make at home are the Milky Way, which requires the addition of milk and cherries and a tasty Espresso Martini cocktail. You can find these recipes and more on the Bandero website.

Jonathan Kendrick, the creator of Bandero Tequila, said, “We see a great opportunity in the UK to offer consumers a better choice of premium tequilas, and both Bandero Café and Blanco are exceptional in their own right. They are meant to be sipped and savoured, allowing the intricate flavours created by being twice distilled to come through. I am excited to see these products grow in popularity and see these brands go from strength to strength.”

Regular readers will know that we’re huge fans of bottle design, and this Tequila hits the mark in this regard. In fact, the uniquely-shaped bottle didn’t just spark our interest; it also wowed the judging panel at the Design Distinction Century Awards.

Pouring the tequila into a cocktail

It’s not only the bottle shape that causes it to stand out from the countless number of non-descript bottles on shelves; it also has another unique design feature. Sustainability is important to the brand, and each of its bottles is made from 100% recycled glass, surrounded by locally sourced leather straps and rivets, which are inspired by the Huarache sandals traditionally worn by native tribes from Jalisco.

Sarah Miller, Operations Director for Stonegate Group, said, “Bandero Café truly is a remarkable liquor. Having had the luxury of sampling it ahead of launch in the UK, I am delighted that Be At One bar will be pouring it first. It is filling a market gap and is a fantastic premium tequila. I cannot wait to see what my bartenders and mixologists create with it.”

If you’re planning on treating mature guests to something a little different this Christmas, this could be an ideal option. Plus, the attractive bottle design with the leather straps should make it an excellent conversation topic.

Bandero Café is available to purchase from Revl and Ocado. It is also available at Stonegate Group’s ‘Be At One’ bars. For information on Bandero’s Tequila range and its making process, visit

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An image showing the bottle with the message Premium Tequila Café is backBandero Café, a Premium Coffee-infused Tequila Wrapped in Mexican History 2

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