Malaysia’s Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Returns with 2 Million+ Books on Offer

Malaysia's Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Returns with 2 Million Books on Offer

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, which is one of the biggest sales of its type in the world, has returned with a vengeance after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, and this bookworm’s paradise is now even bigger and better.

Imagine the thrill of seeing more than two million books, covering all genres from thrillers and mysteries, romance, non-fiction, young adult, and children’s to business titles in one place; it would be any book fan’s dream! And it is not only an event that will get traditional book fans salivating; comic fans will too, as the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will also be home to more than 2000 of the world’s best graphic novels!

The book sale is being held at the Tropicana Gardens Mall, which offers easy access to the MRT (Malaysia’s mass rapid transit). The choice of location marks a first as it is the first time that the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is being hosted in a shopping mall.

The popularity of the sale and the vast amount of reading material on display means that a lot of space is needed, hence the choice of one of the country’s largest shopping malls.

A tiny selection of the millions of books on offer at the sale

Spanning around 100,000 square feet and over three floors, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale occupies the entire west wing of Tropicana Gardens Mall, which is located in Petaling Jaya, just on the fringes of the Malaysian capital city.

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (now on) runs until the 23rd of December, from 10 am to midnight daily, and fulfils its mission to make books accessible and affordable for everyone, whether your preference is for spine-chilling horror novels, whimsical journeys into fantasy, heart-fluttering romances or practical self-help manuals.

To add a dash of local flair, the gigantic sale will also be featuring offerings from more than fifty local publishers, reinforcing their mantra of “Changing the World One Book at a Time.”

Andrew and Jacqueline at the book sale

“We are so excited to show Malaysian readers how we’ve made the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale even ‘badder’ this time around,” says co-founder of Big Bad Wolf Books, Andrew Yap (show above).

“We’ve made some exciting changes since our triumphant return last year, as we wanted to seize the opportunity to start afresh and give our loyal fans a revamped, rejuvenated and renewed Big Bad Wolf! Viva la Wolf! It is time to convert the masses to book readers and reward avid readers alike with the return of the World’s Biggest Book Sale.”

Founded in Malaysia in 2009 as the brainchild of BookXcess, a local book retailer, co-founders Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng stumbled upon a winning formula which has taken the book-reading world by storm.

Andrew and Jacqueline holding some of the books that are available at the sale

Transcending its original raison d’etre, the Big Bad Wolf Book sale has become a global reading advocacy effort, having held book sales in 39 cities in 15 countries, including its home country Malaysia as well as Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates and most recently venturing into Africa, covering countries such as Tanzania and Kenya.

The Big Bad Wolf Book wants to make reading affordable for people around the world, and it does this by offering books at remarkable discounts, with up to 95 per cent off of the RRP. It has always been the mission of this sale to build a new generation of readers and create a love for reading by making reading affordable.

Believing that books can inspire people to chase their dreams and empower them with knowledge, the reason behind this book sale is as altruistic as they come – to allow people to see things from a completely different perspective and to gain more knowledge in the hope that they can tackle any challenges which may come their way.

Jacqueline Ng, who along with her husband co-founded the world renowned book sale“With the huge selection of books across every imaginable genre and at unbeatable prices, this edition of the Big Bad Wolf Book sale is the perfect Christmas and festive season shopping spectacular

Whether you are looking to treat yourself or your loved ones, there is sure to be a book or three that will tick all the right boxes,” says Jacqueline Ng (right), co-founder of Big Bad Wolf Books and Andrew’s wife.

Part of the Big Bad Wolf’s transformation includes what the company calls the “Book Revolution”, which aims to tackle the formidable duo of rising book prices and shrinking bookstores, all the while continuing to be strong advocates of reading habits and increased English literacy.

Apart from books, the Big Bad Wolf book sale will also have other attractions, such as a movie corner hosted by Golden Screen Cinemas with exclusive film-related merchandise; those who have a sweet tooth will find lots of goodies at the Candyland Carnival and caffeine fiends can get their fix at the Laiyan Land Rover Coffee Truck.

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