A Parisiennes’ Best Kept Secret – Biologique Recherche Skin Care


It’s the best-kept secret of those super chic Parisiennes and Ong Chin Huat sits down with Dr. Philippe Allouche the son of the founders and Mr Pierre-Louis Delapalme, CEO of Biologique Recherche to dissect the basics of good skin care at The Spa in the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

Clinical, concentrated and personalised. That is how French Skincare brand Biologique Recherche approaches their skincare line and ever since it has been launched 40 years ago this niche skincare brand has been garnering an A-list of loyal supporters and devotees who couldn’t imagine going a day without putting on their best-selling product, the iconic Lotion P50 which speeds up the epidermis’ natural exfoliation process.


According to Dr. Allouche who is the co-owner and head of creation, research and innovation, Biologique Recherche was founded on a medical basis by his parents who were a biologist and physiotherapist. “My parents started Biologique Recherche in the early 1970’s in Paris based on research and development using the purest, concentrated and raw ingredients, ensuring its efficacy,” Dr. Allouche says. A Parisiennes’ Best Kept Secret – Biologique Recherche Skin Care 5He himself is a medical doctor who specialises in in internal medicine and skin biology and credits a family friend for exposing him to the world of science and skincare when he was just 12 years old.After graduating from with a medical degree from the University of Paris V,

After graduating from with a medical degree from the University of Paris V, Dr. Allouche worked in research centres and specialised in the epidermis and cardiovascular systems. In the early 2000’s he gradually took over from the creative side of the business from his father and made his mark by introducing a more physiological approach to skin care. “The skin is an organ and people don’t realise that.

They treat their skin like it’s the plastic wrapping on a box of chocolates when they should be giving it as much care as their heart or lungs,” he stresses.

Joining him is Pierre-Louis Delapalme, the company’s CEO who adds that Biologique Recherche takes pride in their personalisation of treatments. “Not only is everybody’s skin different, every skin changes in a day, a week and a month and we adapt out methodology and product to the changing needs of the skin,” Delapalme says.

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To that end, Biologique Recherche has invented a concept called the Skin Instant which analyses the skin in a very precise way and then introduces products to cater to the needs which will help improve the skin.

Apart from its effective skincare products, Biologique Recherche also offers facial treatments in salons around the world, with the flagship located in Paris setting the standards. In Malaysia, Biologique Recherche products and facial treatments are exclusively available at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

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Among the various facials on offer, the Second Skin Facial is a specialised treatment which is not only effective but utilises medically inspired regenerating ingredients which act on the extracellular matrix of the skin to accelerate the healing process and achieve immediate results. Created especially to address the concerns of mature skin, the two-hour facial employs electrospinning technology which is similar to 3D printing to create Nano-fibre patches comprising 80 per cent of hyaluronic acid to stimulate the synthesis of collagen and reduce the amount and depth of wrinkles.

This intense treatment leaves the complexion firmer, smoother and glowing with vitality.

For further information on Biologique Recherche please visit : www.biologique-recherche.com

For further information on The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, please visit: www.mandarinoriental.com/kualalumpur.

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