BMW’s Old-School R nineT Scrambler Brilliantly Takes Retro into 2020

BMW's Old School R nineT Scrambler Moves Retro up a Notch

The thermometer shows 26C on an Autumnal September day, perfect weather for a motorcycle ride. Fortunately, I have just the machine, in the BMW R nineT Scrambler. A retro model based on the road bikes enthusiast stripped down to allow them to take their motorcycles off-Road.

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to take the Scrambler off-Road, and it remained solely on the tarmac like the majority bought will. It has not been built for riders to venture too far from the highway although it has authentic scrambler looks.

The design pays homage to days gone by before purpose-built Scramblers were introduced. If it is your only bike, you wouldn’t want to risk damaging it either. I am sure you could have fun off-road with it, but there is always a but what if?

The BMW R nineT Scrambler viewed from the side

I felt so at ease riding the R nineT Scrambler as I first learnt to ride on trail bikes with wide, straight handlebars and upright seating position. These things make it so comfortable riding even long distances. However, the small capacity fuel tank only allows about 100 miles of riding between top-ups. This allows you a rest after a couple of hours in the superbly comfy leather saddle before you will be keen to jump back on.

I had the pleasure of riding the Scrambler around the B Roads and less used A Roads of Surrey and Hampshire where the bike is ideal. When riding it, you seem to relax and not worry about getting somewhere quickly—pure pleasure from the journey and time in the saddle. The bike has all the performance you require from this style of machine easily capable of rapid progress and mile busting cruising at higher speed limits if you need to.

BMW Motorrad makes hundreds of accessories to allow owners to customise their R nineT Scramblers so whether you want a different paint scheme or panniers, you can get them. Owners of the Scrambler have their own identity wanting a different motorcycle, and the R nineT gives them delivers.

BMW R nineT Scrambler viewed from the rear

Pretty much everything made with a retro bias is proving to be massively popular in this day and age and buyers appetites for it are showing no signs of dwindling. Everyone from fashion designers to movie makers and electronic manufacturers has discovered that taking clues from the past is a sure-fire short cut to success.

It’s hard to nail down the exact reason why, but, it’s my belief that it allows people to remember happier times when the world was a little more carefree and less complicated. BMW has quite simply nailed it with their R nineT Scrambler. It one of those creations that transfer its exterior feel-good, into the rider and the watching public.

My couple of days on the R nineT Scrambler were packed with riding as I enjoyed it so much, even getting up in the early hours to get more time before returning it to Vines BMW Bikes in Guildford. It is an extremely versatile bike enabling stressfree daily commuting if required. It’s also perfectly suited for long road trips or some short bimbling around at the weekend.

I loved its retro looks and probably the most important thing is it made me feel good. I thoroughly enjoyed riding it and sharing smiles with the other road users who saw it. It’s a good all-round bike and definitely will be popped on to my all-time my wish-list. Well done to BMW for creating another two-wheeled masterpiece.

The BMW R nineT Scrambler takes retro-infused design up another notch

The BMW R nineT Scrambler Information

  • Engine: 1170cc Four-stroke, air-cooled DOHC, 8v boxer twin
  • Top speed: 135mph
  • MPG: 44
  • Max power: 110bhp
  • Torque: 88ft-lb
  • Weight: 222kg
  • Seat height: 785mm
  • Prices start from £11000.

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BMW's Old-School R nineT Scrambler Brilliantly Takes Retro into 2020 2


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