Bottles Of Kindness Makes Feeling Great and Being Kinder Easier in 2021

Bottles Of Kindness Makes Feeling Great and Being Kinder Easier in 2021

The global pandemic has led us to think more about what matters in life and has prompted people to be kinder to others. It’s a topic currently being widely explored by the University of Sussex academics who’ve partnered with BBC Radio 4 on The Kindness Test. Sabi Phagura listened to a podcast on the subject and decided to delve deeper into Bottles of Kindness.

During the pandemic, the topic of kindness was brought to the forefront, highlighting the various acts of kindness in action. Some of these included looking out for our neighbours, running errands for those in the community who were unable to leave home, scheduling regular video calls with friends and family and staying active on social media by joining community WhatsApp groups. And it was around this time contemporary wine merchant Wine&Something created Bottles of Kindness in a bid to bring the nation together at a time when we were all told to isolate.

Dale Agar and his family who thought up the Bottles Of Kindness idea

The idea was the brainchild of the company’s CEO Dale Agar, who created Bottles of Kindness as a way to pass on the joy to someone special. Dale told Luxurious Magazine that unprecedented times call for greater acts of kindness, and it was from this, the concept was born. It was the community spirit and people pulling together that inspired him.

The idea is that customers spend £75 or more on wine, and they can gift a free bottle of wine to someone of their choosing for free.

Two of the four bottles you can gift

A Growing Movement Of Good Deeds
Kindness is contagious, and Bottles of Kindness is on a mission to kick start a chain reaction of good deeds across the UK. There are four Bottles of Kindness to choose from, hand-picked by Wine&Something’s Master of Wine, Robin Kick, offering different grape varieties and styles to suit every taste.

Armed with one of the world’s best palates, Robin has selectively hand-picked over 300 wines to build the company’s portfolio from the most brilliant artisanal producers around the globe.

Dale said it was seeing friends and neighbours pulling together to help others in the community that inspired him to come up with this idea and helped put the important things in life back into perspective. His wife and daughter also made a difference and were part of a substantial community collective that baked for the NHS.

Their delicious recipes have now been compiled and published to produce a recipe book with all proceeds from sales going to the NHS. Dale added: “Kindness comes in all forms, and our version is a bottle of wine. It’s a great way to reflect on happier times and to create new memories that people won’t take for granted.”

The company also wanted to find a way to give back to communities and discovered 52-lives – a charity founded on the belief that small acts of kindness make a huge difference. Wine&Something joined forces with the charity and now support 52-lives by donating £1 for every Bottle of Kindness they send.

By taking part, customers too will be doing their bit by supporting this fantastic charity. In addition, Wine&Something has extended its kindness ethos to the environment. Their sustainability responsibilities include the use of fully recyclable packaging and using minimal plastics.

There are a few feelings in life that can match an act of kindness. Experts say kindness has multiple positives. Not only do they make you and others feel great, but being kind can be good for your health by helping to lower blood pressure and ward off feelings of stress or depression. What will you do to be kind today?

Two of the four bottles you can gift

Bottles Of Kindness – Where and How?

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