The ‘Mean Tweetshop’ Opens Stocked Entirely with Cadbury Plant Bars

The Mean Tweetshop Opens and is Stocked Entirely with Cadbury Plant Bars

Cadbury is seeking to challenge the scepticism often seen towards plant-based alternatives. They are aiming to do this via their world’s first Mean Tweetshop in Soho, London. It is a one of a kind ‘sweet’ shop that is striving to turn plant-based hate from social media into plant-based love in the form of delicious Cadbury Plant Bar chocolate.

Okay, I’ll hold my hand up and state that as a life-long fan of chocolate, I’ve never been completely won over by vegan chocolate; there, I’ve said it. However, I am sure that millions of others will have a completely different view on the matter, which is why Cadbury has opened their Mean Tweetshop; they are seeking to change people’s opinions.

However, I must clarify that I wholeheartedly support the vegan movement and I do eat vegan food. At least once a week, my wife concocts a vegan masterpiece, and I always enjoy them. Also, let’s not forget that it’s Cadbury doing this and they have the reputation for making the best tasting chocolate in the market, so I am sure that, those going into the Mean Tweetshop with a negative view will likely leave with a very different opinion.

A lady getting her vegan based chocolate bar inside the shop

Why create the Mean Tweetshop?
As mentioned, Cadbury is seeking to change negative opinions of plant-based foods. Inside the Mean Tweetshop will be Cadbury Plant Bars, and each one will carry a negative social media post about plant-based products posted by sceptics. The chocolate brand wants internet critics to eat their words and turn all the plant-based hate out there into plant-based love.

The plant based chocolate bars with the social media comments on the wrappers

Each plant bar in the Mean Tweetshop has been wrapped in limited edition packaging featuring a negative post towards plant-based products shared by a sceptic online (see above). With shelves fully stocked with thousands of these bars, the Mean Tweetshop wants all those plant-based and vegan product naysayers to pay a visit and, quite literally, eat their words.

Cadbury hopes that sceptics who trial the bar will change their negative opinions and uncover their love for great tasting plant-based alternatives.

A man holding bars above his head at the Mean Tweetshop

Visiting the Mean Tweetshop
The Mean Tweetshop has now opened, and you can visit it between 12-6 pm. It is stocked entirely with Cadbury Plant Bars in two delicious flavours. Visitors will be able to take away one bar* of Cadbury Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate or Cadbury Plant Bar Smooth Chocolate with Salted Caramel pieces. Each wrapper will display a negative social media post about plant-based products so visitors can help turn plant-based hate into love in one tasty bite.

With research showing that chocolate is the most missed by those adopting a plant-based diet, [1] the Cadbury Mean Tweetshop arrives as flexitarianism continues to gain popularity in the UK. The UK was the most popular country for vegans on Google Trends, and “vegan food near me” experienced more than a 5,000-percent increase in 2021.[2] Veganism is also growing in popularity amongst Brits, with YouGov revealing that over a third of people in the UK are now interested in becoming vegan.[3]

Michael Moore, Marketing Manager at Cadbury, said: “The Mean Tweetshop is a true celebration of Cadbury Plant Bar, and we feel that this is a chocolate that anyone can enjoy, including the sceptics. We hope that some of those who have been quick to judge plant-based products are brave enough to come down and try one for themselves; they really are that good!”

Ericka Durgahee, Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society, said, “With 2022 well on its way, it’s fair to say that the image of veganism is undergoing the most radical change in its history. It’s no longer portrayed as an unusual lifestyle, it’s easy and accessible, and many people now incorporate vegan options in their everyday choices. With iconic brands like Cadbury unveiling products like the Plant Bar, there has never been a better time to try a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle.”

A Cadbury mean Tweetshop Chocolate Bar

The Mean Tweet Shop is open to the public 12 pm – 6 pm from Tuesday 22nd March until Saturday 26th March and 12 pm – 4 pm on Sunday 27th March 2022 and is located at 15 Bateman Street in Soho, London.

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The 'Mean Tweetshop' Opens Stocked Entirely with Cadbury Plant Bars 2


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