Charabanc Luxury Fragrances Turn an Everyday Drive into an Experience

Charabanc Fragrances Turn an Everyday Drive into an Experience

Charabanc is a brand that deals in travel. They create beautiful fragrances for cars, scents that can take you on a journey to far off places or experiencing the freshness of the Peak District.

In this current situation, global travel for relaxation is nigh impossible. In many ways, this has affected peoples’ mental health. One way you can travel without moving is through aromas. Smell plays an integral part in remembering events and experiences. We return to a country, time or place when we smell a fragrance which relives the travel experience.

Charabanc is a company that captures the fragrances of countries, turning these scents into luxury Air Fresheners designed for a car.

Carrie Hindmarsh and Barbara Behan of Charabanc

Friends Carrie Hindmarsh and Barbara Behan who met at M&C Saatchi created Charabanc. Their notion was that luxury cars deserved luxury fragrances, not the standard air fresheners on the market.

The concept was formed a few years ago, taking them until September 2018 to get the correct product ready for launch. They launched their products at the world-famous Goodwood Revival.

Charabanc pomander

Taking a stand at the event, the ladies set up a Charabanc area, promoting their five fragrances. These were met with a great response.

After months of working extremely hard Charabanc secured a sales area within the prestigious Harrods store in London.

About the Fragrances:
A beautifully designed metal pomander encases the fragrances, allowing versatility. Through brilliant design, each pomander can hang from a lanyard, drape from your rearview mirror, or have a clip attached to go in air vents. It can also magnetically attach to a surface within the car.

Charabanc takes great pride in using UK based suppliers. Only specialist parts are sourced abroad with the most significant percentage of manufacturing done in the UK. Every piece is quality, from Spanish hides for the leather to the fragrances created by one of the most globally renowned perfume houses.

A ceramics factory founded in Valencia in 1956 crafts the scented pastilles by hand using a wet press method. An age-old technique which is environmentally friendly, the quality of the ceramic’s porosity is much appreciated by perfumers.

Charabanc produces five fragrances

Charabanc produces five fragrances: Along the Plain of Castellucio, Across Pennine Fells, Monument Valley Drive, The Road to Samarqand and Journey to Tai Mo Shan. Each takes your mind travelling.

Blended very carefully the five fragrances exude scents of their namesakes. Additional notes of leather and wood are added to evoke the smell of a vintage car.

Perfect for Fathers day or in the current circumstances, a beautiful gift to cheer up a particular person in your life.

Charabanc luxury car fragrance kit


  • Racing Green pomander sold with Across Pennine Fells fragrance – RRP £145
  • London Tan sold with Along the Plain of Castelluccio fragrance – RRP £145
  • Orient Black sold with Tai Mo Shan fragrance – RRP £145
  • 5 x individual refills each retailing at RRP £35
  • A Voyager Gift Set of all five fragrances – RRP £145

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Charabanc Luxury Fragrances Turn an Everyday Drive into an Experience 2


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