Duddell’s Executive Chef Yip Kar On, Introduces New Menus for 2022

Duddell's Hong Kong new dishes for 2022

Duddell’s Executive Chef Yip Kar On is bringing a fresh and elevated interpretation of some much loved Chinese classics to the Michelin-starred restaurant in 2022 by introducing a new menu of a la carte dishes and a new signature tasting menu.

Chef Yip Kar On (below) joined Duddell’s Hong Kong as the new Executive Chef in the winter of 2021, bringing with him more than 27 years of experience in fine Cantonese and Michelin-starred kitchens throughout Hong Kong and Macau. Driven by a time-honoured culinary philosophy, Chef Yip is known for his meticulous creation of authentic Cantonese dishes that are rooted in traditional techniques.

Executive Chef Yip Kar sitting inside the restaurant

Revamped New A La Carte Menu
Chef Yip’s Recommended Dishes: Chef Yip Kar On has taken inspiration from a variety of traditional cuisines and blends old and new techniques to produce the latest additions to Duddell’s Hong Kong menus.

The new a la Carte dishes from the selection of chef’s recommendations include the Double-boiled Fish Maw with Red Conch, which includes collagen-rich fish maw with myriad benefits for skin and kidney, simmered with South African red conch, stewing hen, and Jinhua ham for six hours to create a nourishing broth.

In addition, there is the Deep-fried Stuffed Crab Shell with Hokkaido Milk, a modern Cantonese dish comprising fresh crab meat stir-fried with onion, cooked with rich Hokkaido milk and stuffed into a crab shell. The crab is then topped with breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden.

The Stir-fried Boston Lobster with Maotai dish

Stir-fried Boston Lobster with Maotai uses fresh and succulent Boston lobster meat that is stir-fried with a homemade sauce of Maotai, a prestigious baijiu from China. Aromatic and flavourful, this lobster dish is a true representation of Cantonese wok frying techniques. Kanto Sea Cucumber is stuffed with fresh pork, shrimp and quinoa and dressed in abalone sauce.

The Japanese sea cucumber is widely known as one of the finest, with its unique aroma, texture and rich nutritional values. Steamed Grouper with Egg White and 20 Years Huadiao, a staple in Cantonese cuisine, features the prized tender and delicate flesh of freshly sliced and steamed grouper, paired with silky smooth egg white cooked with Hokkaido milk and superior broth. The dish is finished with a sauce made with 20 years aged Huadiao wine to impart fragrant notes.

A close up view of the BBQ pork dish

Barbecued Pork ranks among the most well-known Chinese dishes and the version at Duddell’s uses the Boston butt of local pork – a marbled cut loved for its succulent texture. The pork is marinated with Sichuan peppercorns and chillis to stimulate the palate, then glazed with honey and roasted in a traditional Cantonese oven until nicely charred and caramelised. Requiring 24 hours advance pre-order, Ancient Baked Salted Chicken is a unique Guangdong Hakka dish with a rich history.

Local yellow chicken is first marinated with sand ginger, then cooked with a salt crust for 45 minutes inside a clay pot. This particular cooking process gives the skin a crispy texture while trapping the flavours and juices of the meat. In the second course, the chicken oils and giblets are cooked together with rice to create a fragrant, hearty clay pot rice.

The sliced Miyazaki Wagyu Beef dish

Poached Miyazaki A4 Sliced Wagyu uses the prized Miyazaki A4-graded wagyu – so rich and tender that it melts in one’s mouth. The beef is lightly poached with Chef Yip’s mouth-watering hot and sour broth and accompanied by Japanese glass noodles. Crispy Glutinous Rice Chicken, another dish that requires 24 hours advance order, is an artisanal Cantonese classic that requires masterful techniques and preparation.

The Glutinous Rice Chicken dish

The dish is a testament to the chef’s knife skills; first, the fresh three-yellow chicken is deboned, then stuffed with glutinous rice, morel mushrooms, conpoy, dried shrimp and more. The chicken is air-dried for four hours and finished with pours of hot oil to deep-fry until fragrant, resulting in its crispy skin with succulent meat.

Finally, the Braised Imperial Bird’s Nest with Crab Roe (HK$688) features one of the many ancient delicacies in China, with the Imperial bird’s nest from Indonesia cooked with fresh and flavourful crab roe and crab meat in a supreme broth.

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New Signature Tasting Menu by Chef Yip Kar On
The Signature Tasting Menu (HK$1,388+10% per person) by Chef Yip includes elevated Cantonese classics such as Minced Fish Broth with fish maw, Braised 5-Heads South African Abalone with oyster sauce and mushroom, and Fried Rice with crab meat, diced vegetables and homemade shrimp paste, and Milk Pudding with sweet ginger syrup.

Guests may choose to upgrade the auspicious Braised Abalone course further with rarer and more premium varieties of a whole abalone, including Yoshihama 30-Heads Abalone (+HK$588), South African 3-Heads Abalone (+HK$688), and Yoshihama 25-Heads Abalone (+HK$1,488).

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