How Chobe Game Lodge’s Solar-Powered Boats Set a New Benchmark

How Chobe Game Lodge's Solar-Powered Boats are Changing the Safari Industry

Over the past few years, two words have kept cropping up when it concerns the hospitality industry, they are ‘innovation’ and ‘sustainability’, and it seems that the Chobe Game Lodge has taken this on board with their fleet of solar-powered boats.

Chobe Game Lodge is a beautiful property, owned and operated by Desert & Delta Safaris. In a first for the African safari industry, they run a whole fleet of solar-powered boats to reaffirm their commitment to protecting the environment.

The luxury lodge prides itself on being leaders when it comes to ecological and sustainability initiatives, and this has been acknowledged by them being awarded full eco grading by the Botswana Tourism Board.

When you think about it, solar-powered boats make absolute sense, and it beggars the question as to why all other luxury safari properties (near to water) aren’t adopting this practice, after all, there’s more than enough sunshine in many African countries. Perhaps it was a case of one (excuse the pun) one ‘Pushing the boat out’, and the rest would follow?

Solar powered boat on an African Safari

Botswana’s first fleet of electric boats
Chobe Game Lodge’s unprecedented electric safari boats were first introduced in 2014, setting the standard for ecotourism in Botswana. In late 2019 Chobe Game Lodge became the first lodge in the country to have a full and comprehensive fleet of electric boats.

Each of the boats is fully customised and bespoke and cost approximately $50,000 to convert. The electricity used is entirely renewable, supplied by a solar field that was specifically constructed to provide power to on-site electric game vehicles and contribute to Chobe Game Lodges’ main power grid.

These incredible boats are highly manoeuvrable, perfect for tranquil sunset cruises or viewing the breath-taking wildlife that inhabits the Chobe National Park. The Chobe National Park boasts the highest concentration of elephants on the planet and is one of Botswana’s most reliable year-round game and predator viewing destinations.

Safari guide with young girl at Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana

Probably the main thing on the minds of everyone heading off for a safari is the animals. Fortunately, there’s an abundance of them in the Chobe National Park, more so during the dry season.

With the new fleet of solar-powered boats, guests will be able to see vast herds of water buffalo congregating on the fertile flood plans, heading to the waterside for a drink, to bathe and to play. There are also other iconic animals to see, such as antelopes, giraffes, lions puku, African wild dogs red, lechwe and sable.

A view inside one of the luxury bedroom suites

About Chobe Game Lodge
Chobe Game Lodge is a haven of peace and privacy where relaxation is effortless. With six comfortably furnished viewing decks along the boardwalk, a riverside boma, two bars, six different lounges and many dining locations, a comfy lounger is never far away, each with a different perspective of the stunning wilderness that surrounds the lodge.

The ornate lounge at the property

It also has a large swimming pool which will undoubtedly provide welcome relief during hot afternoons. And for that extra touch of luxury, there is always a waiter closeby, ready to bring you refreshments from the bar. For those that want to maintain their looks and enjoy some pampering, there is also a modern gym and a range of in-house beauty treatments.

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How Chobe Game Lodge's Solar-Powered Boats Set a New Benchmark 2


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