Clinique La Prairie’s New Longevity Hub in Doha to Open in Summer 2022

Clinique La Prairie's New Longevity Hub in Doha to Open in Summer 2022

Clinique La Prairie, the pioneering Swiss health & wellness clinic, is continuing its international expansion by announcing a new Longevity Hub in Doha in partnership with Alfardan Group and the St.Regis Marsa Arabia Island, the Pearl. The Longevity Hub will become Clinique La Prairie’s third hub and is set to open this summer.

Living a “Fuller, longer and healthier life” has been Clinique La Prairie’s mission since 1931. The clinic can do this thanks to its grounding in longevity science, coupled with innovation in the fields of preventative medicine, health, nutrition and wellness.

The exterior of the clinic in Montreux Switzerland

At its Montreux clinic in Switzerland (above), experts provide guests with revitalising, immune-boosting and rebalancing itineraries to unlock the secret of living. The clinic takes guests through week-long pioneering programs based on Clinique La Prairie’s longevity Methods, and guests can continue with the benefits at the clinic’s Longevity Hubs around the world.

The Doha Longevity Hub follows the openings of similar hubs in Madrid and Bangkok. The Doha hub will be located at The St. Regis Marsa Arabia Island Doha, Qatar and will be home to a state-of-the-art Aesthetics & Medical Spa that will be a luxurious haven of well-being and rejuvenation. It has been designed to offer Clinique La Prairie’s integrative approach to longevity, based on the CLP method, which combines evidence-based medicine with unique well-being, nutrition and movement plans.

Clinique La Prairie CEO Simone Gibertoni said, “We are honoured to partner with the Alfardan Group at The St.Regis Marsa Arabia island for this premiere in the middle-east that further builds the health and longevity journeys of Clinique La Prairie across the world. This represents an outstanding continuation of our 90-year journey of premium wellness, offering clients unique expertise, treatments and technologies to support their personal journey to live fuller and longer and look well.”

Programmes and Packages
Special packages will be available for those wanting to enjoy the full spectrum of benefits available at Clinique La Prairie Doha. And those opting for a longevity & wellness week-long stay at the Montreux clinic will be able to benefit from an extensive follow-up with the team of professionals back home in Doha. There is also an exclusive membership programme for those wanting to experience all the benefits at the Clinique La Prairie Aesthetics & Medical Spa.

These packages will include private consultations, tailor-made therapies, innovative treatments, wellness care, gym membership, and more. An annual premium membership offering the advantage of an exclusive residential stay at Clinique La Prairie Montreux in Switzerland will also be available.

Inside one of the residential suites at the Swiss clinic

Maintaining a healthy routine through a combined medical, wellness, beauty and holistic lens is central to Clinique La Prairie Longevity hub’s approach. Guests can choose from specific treatments or follow highly personalised packages to create integral individual paths. These protocols range from regeneration, detox, reset, gut health or beauty, and have each been designed to pair with carefully selected treatments and coaching, amplifying each other to help clients look, feel and live well.

Longevity and Nutrition
Clinique La Prairie is well-known for the high quality of the people working with it. At the clinic are medical experts who specialise in longevity, nutrition and genetics/epigenetics. These experts offer consultation and follow-ups, assessing daily routines and providing in-depth insights into one’s state of health coupled with tailor-made guides to improve one’s lifestyle.

A woman putting a couple of the Nutraceuticals in her hand

Holistic Health – the pioneering collection of Swiss-made supplements by Clinique La Prairie – will be available and integrated into the longevity protocols. They offer the most advanced micro-nutritional solutions, connecting the fundamental pillars for healthy living – immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation, and cellular stimulation.

One area that separates Clinique La Prairie from others is its in-depth knowledge of cellular ageing, which takes place both internally and externally. Their team of aesthetic medicine specialists utilise their expert knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to provide a wide range of effective and lasting personalised treatments.

As keeping moving is a major part of the integrated approach, a spacious fitness area will complete the facility. All journeys include a personalised follow-up approach by the team of coaches. They will understand your aspirations and give personalised advice on how to stay fit and pursue your set objectives.

Guests will also be able to relax and recharge, with their well-being concerns being lavishly addressed with scientifically proven treatments and wellness traditions that promote continuous transformation. For more information on what Clinique La Prairie offers, please visit their website

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